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[Nettime-ro] TROMANALE 2006****Submission deadline: 31 December 2005
vladimir bulat on Fri, 21 Oct 2005 16:21:56 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] TROMANALE 2006****Submission deadline: 31 December 2005

Submission deadline: 31 December 2005 

Currently open for submission!

Set to run during Germany ?s well known Berlinale (the Berlin Film
Festival), Tromanale aims to provide a space to celebrate real independent
cinema, free from the exclusive pomposity of more mainstream festivals.
For the very first time in Europe , Tromanale presents the opportunity to
enter your film to the festival free of charge.

Here at Tromanale, we are fed up with prohibitive entry charges and
cronyism that so often stifles the true independence and vision in film
making today. We don?t care who you are: if you want to enter your film: do
it! Your film will not be judged on budget or names or the ?right?
equipment. It can be as experimental, or as traditional as you like! 



Entry form

Official Rules

1. Deadline: All submissions must be received with a postdate no later than
31st December 2005. There is no cost for


2. Format: Please send submissions on DVD, VHS or miniDV. DVD is
preferable. You may submit more than 1 fi lm.

Please use separate entry forms and DVDs for each entry. You will be
informed of fi lm (35mm, 16mm, 8mm)

projection facilities if you are successful, we will then make arrangements
with you to screen the fi lm in these


3. Film Information: Please feel free to include any kind of publicity
material or extra information along with your

submission. We are hoping to create programmes for all the screenings, so
don?t forget to include a few words

about your fi lm in the space provided on the entry form.

4. Judging: All entries will be judged by the anonymous Tromanale Selection

5. Notifi cation: If you are selected you will be contacted by email, phone
or mail. If you are not selected you will be

informed by email only. Tromanale will not enter into any discussion
concerning the selection process.

6. The Entry Form: The entry form must be completed and sent along with the
fi lm to:



10247 Berlin


The entry form also doubles as a release form, this gives us the right to
use your fi lm in anyway necessary in

conjunction with Tromanale.

7. Submission by you of a fi lm constitutes your understanding of these
offi cial rules and other information as provided in

this website and also an agreement to these offi cial rules.

All entries and material sent will not be returned. Tromanale is not
responsible for any material lost or

damaged in transit.

Submission Checklist

Please ensure that you have:

1. Read the Tromanale website, rules and FAQ?s.

2. Filled out the submission form fully and clearly.

3. Included a clearly labelled VHS, DVD or mini DV preview copy of your

4. Included any relevant information e.g. language/translation details, any
promotional material.

5. Used the correct postage for the weight of your package.

Please print this and send the following form, along with your entry, to:



10247 Berlin


Please note: we do not take responsibility for un-received entries. All
those entries that have been received

within the deadline will be judged and then informed if they were
successful in gaining entry to

the competition or not.

For further queries contact: info {AT} tromanale.de

Page 1/3

Any genre description:

Colour Black and White

Sound Silent


Subtitles (and which language subtitles are in):

If the film is not in English or German, or not yet subtitled, will you be
able to subtitle

before the festival? Yes No

Format of preview screener (if miniDV please state the make

of camera that was used):

Original Format:

This version is fi nished Unfi nished

Entry Details for TROMANALE Film Competition 2006

Film Title:

Running Time:

Other major Crew



Date completed:

Page 2/3

If the fi lm is successful, would you like us to exhibit this copy ,

or send another one ?

If you want to send another, what format will it be in?

Has this fi lm been exhibited before

(if so where, when):

Is this a graduation project: Yes No

How was the fi lm funded:

Few words about the fi lm:

Any words about crew

(including director) and/or


Entrant Details

Name (if you are not the fi lmmaker,

please state how you are

involved with the fi lm, e.g. producer):

Contact address:

Contact phone:

Contact email:

Web address:

Have you included publicity materials? Yes No

If you are successful, do you intend to attend the festival? Yes No

If so, do you have accomodation in Berlin , or are you interested in

accomodation, if available ?




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