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RE: [Nettime-ro] \\ das kapital - legislating reality
vladimir bulat on Sat, 29 Oct 2005 12:12:13 +0200 (CEST)

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RE: [Nettime-ro] \\ das kapital - legislating reality

Cel putin la nivel de discurs, in anii'80 comunismul muribund, de data asta
a lui Gorbachev, declara ca rubla sovietica este la fel de tare ca si
dolarul! Ei bine, concret vorbind raportul [fluctuant, uneori] era asta: 1
USD = 96-98 kopeici urss-iste! salariul mediu infatzisa sarariatului
aproximativ 350-400 ruble. Oricum, mai bine decit in Romania
capitalista...a anului 2005!  

Proletari din toate tarile, uniti-va!


integer {AT} www.god-emil.dk wrote:
>The story should mention the forgotten 1960's and 70's when the west
opened its checkbooks
>to Romania, extending favorable loans at favorable rates;
>This was followed by the ugly 1980's, when the west cut off Romania from
>despite her being the world's _only [ever and ever] example of full debt
>(you know those debts you paid with "nu ne-a lasat sa ne distram ma"); 
>cut her off from the world markets, from energy imports, and from
diplomatic recognition, 
>and then sanctioned the political crime committed against its president.
>If socialist economies had not opened themselves to capital import
>and to debt servicing, perhaps their collision with capitalist time
>would have been less jarring - or would at least have occurred on more
equal terms.
>But the capitalist definition of time prevailed, as socialist debtors
bowed to its
>dictates. Because its leaders accepted western temporal hegemony,
socialism's messianic
>time proved apocalyptic. The irony is that had debtor regimes refused the
>imposed from without - had they united to default simultaneously on their
western loans
>[which in 81 stood at over 90bil] - they might well have brought down the
world financial
>system and realized Khrushchev's threatening prophecy overnight. ["We
shall bury you"]
>That this did not happen shows how vital a thing was capitalists' 
>monopoly on the definition of social reality.
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