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re: [Nettime-ro] comunicat HT003 gallery
integer on Sun, 4 Dec 2005 22:47:28 +0100 (CET)

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re: [Nettime-ro] comunicat HT003 gallery

>Va invitam, impreuna cu GABRIEL BALDOVIN, autorul proiectului 
>  "FRUMOSUL, SEXUALITATEA SI ARTA" (foto instalatie), 
>  la HT003 Gallery (Str. Hanul cu tei Nr.22, Sector 3, Bucuresti),
>  JOI, 08. DECEMBRIE, ORELE 18.00.
>  Despre frumos - ceva extraordinar, ceva iesit din comun - care leaga sexualita
>tea si erotismul, cu arta.

`frumos - ceva extraordinar` = iluzie grandioasa \ marketing propaganda \ o utopie fara context

frumos dimpotriva este f.appropriat de standardul cel mai comun + acceptat.

de ce coca-cola. mcdonalds etc fac reklame cu romani 

>Sunt destule alte lucruri rare si deosebite, provenind din natura, determinate de sezon

tot ce exista in natura este unic si uzat.

sint approximativ 6bil de sini pe aceasta planeta
mult mai multi decit automobile dacia.
dar nu putem deduce ca barbatii alearga dupa dacii mai mult decit ...

>In relatiile dintre sexe, frumosul este criteriu de selectie a partenerului

Scientific studies have demonstrated that the majority of people prefer partners
from a similar ethnic group, a similar socio-economic class and
an appearance similar to that of their parents.

Another thing - most people, in .ro especially, prefer mass produced things.
They convey status and social integration. Very very few people if any
will admire you if you walk down the street in opinci facute de bunicu.

Every poser has a new BMW. This does not stop girls equipped in primary 
crayon colors kitsch from seeking them.

In most cultures, and most def in .ro people dont view `iesit din comun`
as beautiful. 

You are speaking of a `iesit din comun` dar defapt `nu iesit din comun`
deoarece `iesit din comun` in majoritatea cazurilor sperie lumea.

from a previous conversation:

"... with the current emphasis in modern design 
on personalized mass production [as though everyone suddenly
realized that communism + capitalism were not so good
yet nema problema - we shall fix the ills ov 
mass production through mass production]

eg. a personalized automobile. clothing. shoes. architecture etc.
my neigborhood is satured with houses which differ yet
are clearly spawned from the same seed. 

where do we lose the sense that `this` is more or less just like `that`.
and if we dont why do we not mind when the person across the street
also has 2 eyes. hands etc and doesnt look so different from us 

yet - were we to walk down the street and see 10 `i` [clones]
wouldnt we also feel monstrous"

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