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[Nettime-ro] [spectre] (fwd) Inaugural issue of Flusser Studies
Attila Tordai-S. on Thu, 8 Dec 2005 12:08:49 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] [spectre] (fwd) Inaugural issue of Flusser Studies

Citat Andreas Broeckmann <abroeck {AT} transmediale.de>:

> Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 03:12:53 -0600
> From: "Anke Finger" <anke.finger {AT} uconn.edu>
> Subject: <nettime-ann> [pub] Inaugural issue of Flusser Studies
> I am delighted to inform you about the posting of the inaugural issue of
> Flusser Studies
> Please visit http://www.flusserstudies.net
> About flusserstudies.net
> Flusser Studies is an international e-journal for academic research
> dedicated to the thought of Vilem Flusser (1920-1991). In addition to
> publishing articles about Flusser92s work, the journal seeks to promote
> scholarship on different aspects of specifically interdisciplinary and
> multilingual approaches Flusser himself developed in the course of his
> career as a writer and philosopher. These approaches range from
> Communication Theory to Translation Studies, Cultural Anthropology to the
> New Media.
> Flusser wrote his texts in different languages, translating himself over
> and over again, moving from English, to Portuguese, German, French and
> back again. Similarly he worked by juxtaposing and contaminating
> different discourses: philosophy, anthropology, communication theory, art
> and design, zoology to mention only a few.
> Among his most original contributions in this context are his
> philosophical fictions - above all Vampyroteuthis infernalis - scientific
> fables on the borderline of literature, science and philosophy.
> Flusser Studies is published twice a year. Publication languages include
> English, German, French, Brazilian and Czech. Some editions will be
> dedicated to a specific area of research.
> ---
> A note from a the editor:
> Flusser Studies is a new online journal that seeks to support research on
> and with the theories and works of Vilem Flusser (more information on the
> philosopher, writer, cultural historian VF on the site itself).
> I co-founded the journal with Rainer Guldin (Universita della Svizzera
> Italiana, Lugano) and am serving as associate editor, and I would be most
> grateful if you could send the link to those friends and colleagues of
> yours who might be interested in reading or contributing to the journal.
> The next issue, due in May, will publish general submissions, but the
> November 2006 issue will focus on Flusser and Brazil, and the May 2007
> issue will focus on Flusser and the Czech Republic.
> I am happy to answer any questions you may have, of course.
> Thank you and with best wishes,
> Anke Finger
> Assistant Professor, German Studies
> Interim Director, Graduate Studies in German
> Director, Language Program in German Studies
> Associate Editor, Flusser Studies (www.flusserstudies.net)
> Modern and Classical Languages
> University of Connecticut
> www.languages.uconn.edu/Faculty/Byname/details.php?id3D23
> Das Gesamtkunstwerk der Moderne
> www.v-r.de/titel/352520842/
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