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integer on Thu, 15 Dec 2005 16:06:26 +0100 (CET)

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>În afara conceptului nu suntem mare lucru.

The world is an illusion. 
We are little more than empty space. 

Were one to compress the Earth planeta so that all 
of the empty space was eliminated it would fit quite komfortably 
inside your home.

So +? What possibly could be valuable +?

The empty space of course.

        that space which lies between us. dissolving the barrier. 

        we are students of memory and our biologies are complementary. your 
        survival depends on me. my sustainability is appropriated to you. our 
        encounters are the guide posts and we begin to know what to observe 
        and where to act.

>Cele mai animalice porniri is¸i au sa?las¸ul tot în minte. 
>Ideile sunt atotputernice. Mintea ne-a adus (sau sedus cu) 
>tot ce e bun s¸i tot ce e ra?u în viat¸a noastra? ca urmare 
>a civilizat¸iei. Tot ea ne poate salva. 

To my mind the place where most mysteries converge is in the phenomena 
of human emotion. For 1. dreams: the point should be clear; for 2.
homeodynamics, its role in behavioral self-regulation; and for 3. Cantor 
sets: the mathematical relationships between relative parts and wholes in 
self-organizing systems -- which to my mind represents the deeper 
biophysical mechanisms from whence 1 and 2 ultimately emerge.

We can model intelligence / learning. No one has modeled sentiments.
Beyond intelligence lies understanding and consciousness.

Artificial intelligence is of little interest. 
As one other indicated artificial insanity would be more interessant.

One mustn't confuse a mind that understands and that is
dependent on consciousness with consciousness itself. Par example
when we sleep our brain is personalized by prior memories that will
not be accessed until awake. And so the comportment of a machine may be
modified by experience yet remain permanently unconscious.

When a machine is lifed that can be happy and experience pain we
can speak of `it` being conscious. Outward responses that simply represent 
these sentiments do not equate consciousness

>În afara conceptului nu suntem mare lucru.

there, thrice upon a time lived a peasant. and a philosopher and a street sweeper.

the philosopher to the street sweeper thus said:

`i pity you, for yours a hard and unsanitary task is`

and the street weeper thuss spoke:

`thank you sir. but tell me, what is it, your task?`

`i study man's mind, his deeds and his desires`

the street sweeper continued his weep weep and sssweep with a smile:
`i also, pity you`

whilst the philosopher's wit dangled in the dusty labyrinth of reality,
the peasant, glancing back at life, spoke thus:

`he who longs the most lives the longest.
 dig anywhere in the earth and you shall find a treasure.
 only you must dig with the faith of a lover`

sweep sweep sweep

the story, rather sleepy now, curled its tail around itself, and dreamy, whispered to the other worlds:
`there are but two elements: love and truth ... and youth`


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