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[Nettime-ro] Is this info still accurate?
Nikolaus Laszlo on Tue, 27 Dec 2005 16:01:47 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] Is this info still accurate?

nettime-ro {AT} nettime.org,

I'm updating my address book. Please take a moment to update me
with your latest contact info.

Click the following link to correct or confirm your information: https://www.plaxo.com/edit_contact_info?r=4295573869-74392759-738066083

Name: nettime-ro {AT} nettime.org
Job Title: 
Work E-mail: nettime-ro {AT} nettime.org
Work Phone: 
Work Fax: 
Work Address Line 1: 
Work Address Line 2: 
Work City, State, Zip: 
Mobile Phone: 

Home E-mail: 
Home Phone: 
Home Fax: 
Home Address Line 1: 
Home Address Line 2: 
Home City, State, Zip: 

P.S. I've included my Plaxo card below so that you have my current information.  I've also attached a copy as a vCard.

 | Nikolaus Laszlo
 | nick {AT} lastan.de
 | Dipl. Ing. Architekt AKNW
 | Cecilienallee 57
 | D- 40474 Düsseldorf
 | work: +49-(0)211-9894767
 | mobile: +49- (0)174-9164233

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