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[Nettime-ro] \\ Googool chair | Ceci est une chaise - a surrealistnt
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[Nettime-ro] \\ Googool chair | Ceci est une chaise - a surrealistnt

  \\ Googool chair | Ceci est une chaise - a surrealist DIY life experiment

In our globalized modern society, where the police + mass media 
are largely responsible for the distraction of the population,
most people live in order to lose themselves, yet the
principal human occupation is to find oneself.

Through our "Googool chair - a DIY life experiment", we redefine
the idea of capitalist competition as the creation of situations
that allow individuals to actualize their full potential.

We introduce personal imagination as an infinitely affective and
smart material which imbues collective reality and mass produced
objects with a cornucopia of variability, whilst meaningfully
connecting everything to everything else.

We propose design as an evolving participatory process where the rigid
borders between authors and audience are dissolved and dissipated
into a permeable osmotic membrane.

Our project retains a strong undertone of existentialism and constructivism
-- the claim that a person obtains her raison d'être by creating her own worlds,
that personal development and growth are realized through a multilevel and
multidimensional way of life.

By fully embracing the rapid protoytyping and DIY aspects
of the competition, the "Googool Chair" simultaneously positions 
itself both within and beyond it.

The "Googool Chair" reflects recent technological and socio-political trends,
eg. the Internet, blogging, rapid prototyping, desktop manufacturing, personal fabrication,
customizable mass production, while hinting at the immanent convergence of the physical and virtual,
real and irreal, material and imagination, into a world wide continuum.

Conversely by situating "Ceci est une chaise" as the reciprocal of
Rene Magritte's "Ceci n¹est pas une pipe", we are complementing Foucault's observations,
in allowing the similitudes to precipitate, to go from white to black, to
relay indefinitely along the length of the series, regaining their names 
and infinite identities, rising endlessly into an ether where they refer 
to nothing more than themselves.


                              ORDNUNG \+\ DISZIPLIN

                                                        | | z!mpl plznt

[p-un_kT-pr_o-T?k_oL] Ø f Ø Ø Ø 3       |
                 herausgegeben vøm !nternat!onalen
!nst!tut f:ur ordnung |+| d!sz!pl!n
       : / / www.m9ndfukc.org

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