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integer on Fri, 20 Jan 2006 23:48:53 +0100 (CET)

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Re: [Nettime-ro] d ec o mpr e s si on

Vlad Tarko <vladtarko {AT} gmail.com>

>uite un citat din Ludwig von Mises 'Planned Chaos':

f.capitalist + komunist + akademik sa arunci produsul\ideologia\teoria in fata

explica in cuvintele _tale despre ce vorbeste lm [tm]
ie. ce intelegi _tu

>uite un citat din Ludwig von Mises 'Planned Chaos':

This is the world u envision - http://www.mythweb.com/encyc/gallery/midas_c.html

without emotion nothing matters.

>free market economy, i.e., capitalism.

ma faci sa rid. unde vezi tu free +?

toata asa zisa coruptie din romania exista in cel
mai dezvoltat system capitalist - sua.

diferenta este ca in romania coruptia este
democratizata - exista la fiecare nivel

in sua the entire masquarade is incredibly obfuscated
and permeates the higher levels of society.
the entire government is controlled by special
interests + corporations _ ie. pulafashion.com/free/market/

free - te-ai uitat la deficitul american +?
te-ai uitat la ratele de interest inainte
de ultima electie. te-ai uitat la cursul
dolarului vis a vis political necessities. 

free +? free as oil - the market is so utterly free 
that wars are necessary to ensure its `freedom` ...

... that american troops are situated in i think over
half of the world's countries to ensure its `freedom` 

[orwell would enjoy both the `freedom + peace` usa is disseminating in the world]

da bine - in romania a fost intodeauna la moda sa ne-ndopam cu povesti occidentale.
pina la urma o sa moara astia de ris ... daca ceausescu era presedintele americii
raminea in putere 15 vieti.

>Methods of production were greatly improved. 

through increased mechanization since humans are 
`inefficient` machines - they are not easily compartmentalized
and tortured into subcomponents - they are a living whole
not machines - emotional living breathing beings



>have been supplied with better and cheaper goods and with many new articles unheard of
>a short time ago. 

better = patriarchal fixation - nothing exists which is better than anything else. it is different.

u r not better than me. i am not better than u.
the occident is not better than balkan. balkan is not better than occident.

we are different. this implies different solutions. different products.

cheaper - indeed cheaper. my grandmother has things manufactured
in comunism in the 50's and they still work while the "new + improved" products 
she has purchased 5 years ago have already broken down. sau compara
dacia din 70 si loganul - pfaaa. 

cheaper - let us even discuss ferrari which is:

1. the most popular brand in the world
2. a mass produced product that until recently was almost not mass produced.

compare the new ferrari models with the classic - 1970-80 ones.
the older models are handmade and combine elegance with agressiveness.
the new models are builts by robots and are for the most part purely agressive.

my 1979 model if manufactured today
in the same manner as it was - ie. handmade
would cost over half a million usd to produce [adjusted for inflation.

cheaper is true. less expensive is an illusion.

now lets address the inexpesiveness of cheap.
inexpensive through economic colonization which often entails economic rape.

the most affordable `thing` in romania is the romanian.
it is obvious that a product manufactured in romania is less expensive
than one manufactured in france. italy. usa.

is inexpensive good +? absolutely not.
we do not need cheaper nor less expensive products.

local markets get bombarded by cheap inferior products\produce
subsidized by the .eu turning lokal enonomies into valleys of tears + enslavement.

the .eu subsidizes foreign programs for
eastern european market penetration which renders 
local companies uncompetitive.

free +?  pulafashion.com/free/

if u call this progress - i have slkt kompliments 4 ur mother.

>Yet, the only means to increase well-being is to
>increase the quantity of products. This is what business aims at.

This is so absurdly idiotic ...

1. business' principal impetus is profit not the well being of human beings

2. increasing the quantity of a product reduces the worth + meaningfulness of that product.

   phps in romania people think mcdonalds is [good] food
   in reality it is ingestible makeup = abs.refuse.

   phps in romania people think that "calumea" este ca toata lumea

The only means to increase well-being is to
facilitate meaningful human-scale relationships.

No business has raised a human being.
No business has sang a child 2 sleep.

It is a mistake to increasingly dehumanize private life.
We should aim 2 kontinously humanize public life.

Capitalism and Communism = homomorphic 
place both in trash + light it.


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