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Re: [Nettime-ro] d ec o mpr e s si on
integer on Sat, 21 Jan 2006 04:13:15 +0100 (CET)

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Re: [Nettime-ro] d ec o mpr e s si on

>N-ai fost atent la ce scria. Mises nu lauda sistemul american. Dimpotriva.  

Am inteles ce a scris si ce scrii tu.

It is amusing that you who pretend to defend personal choice \ diversity
are somehow baffled that I may understand something else than you have.

What he is talking about does not exist on a large scale [SUA is the closest]
It does exist on a small scale - and there it is not entirely competitive but mostly cooperative.

Let me place it v.succintly - your predilection for compartmentalizing life leads no where.
All your dichotomies are delusionary. Life is one, deeply intricate + intertwingled.


>El spune ca ala nu e deloc un sistem capitalist. Toate exemplele pe care  
>le-ai dat sunt corecte. Gresala ta este in identificarea CAUZEI. Cauza nu  
>este capitalismul, ci absenta capitalismului.

One 2 one mapping is an idiocy of grand proportions.
that which is an effect may in fact be a cause
and an effect may have several causes which
in turn may have several effects. The complexity
is beyond logical comprehension + control.

I can understand your typical male need 2 reduce things
to a rigid logical system but just because you _think
you have control over your body doesnt mean that
you actually do. There is an irony in that nonetheless.

>nemaivorbind ca NU E NEVOIE 

Pleasure and everything meaningful in life
do not observe NEVOIE - they observe DESIRE
pleasure ... things which make life meaningful.

NEVOIE - esti un comunist perfekt

>ca masinile sa dureze mai mult de 10 ani  
>pentru ca in zece ani se intimpla multe, si apar modele noi diferite

Daca nu intelegi acest lucru desigur ca nu intelegi.

I dont personally care about new models which are for the most part refuse bkz
they insulate one from the car - 
much as the original dacia is a much more pleasant \ enjoyable \ interesting automobile 
than the complete boring refuse which is logan.

Anything which doesn't age is complete garbage.

>faptul ca dureaza atita nu e o virtute a lor, ci spune ceva despre  
>mentalitatea din lumea de pe vremea aia

Precis. O mentalitate pe care o apreciez.
It is not sex which makes life livable - it is sexi
And sexi is something that ages. 

>citi oameni isi permit ferariul scump si citi si-l permit pe ala ieftin
>vezi definitia de mai sus a lui "bun"
>faptul ca tu personal crezi ca ferariul mai scump e mai bun este opinia ta  
>personala (care evident ca e corecta pentru tine insuti). insa nu vad  
>ce-ti da tie dreptul sa-ti bagi opinia pe gitul altor oameni
>daca altii prefera ferariul pe care tu nu-l preferi, ce vrei? asta e
>nu vad de ce tre sa tii cu orice pret ca tu ai intotdeauna dreptate iar  
>oricine nu e de acord cu tine e prost

You misunderstood.

What I said is that my older \ classic Ferrari
is less expensive than new ones yet to manufacture that car today 
through similar methods - _hand made_ [very important*]
would cost over 500k usd which would make it more expensive.

Thus your\his entire theory that new things are less expensive is an illusion.
The cheaper part however is true. Just sit in a classic Ferrari [or any car for that matter]
and a new one and you will notice the difference.

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