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[Nettime-ro] \\ bien - ale ale
0f0003 | maschinenkunst on Sun, 4 Jun 2006 21:34:08 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] \\ bien - ale ale

>  Bucharest Bienale 13
>  Infiltration into an art institution

"Eu am crescut cu Verdi,
Cu Bach si Titzian,
Visind pe Buonarotti
In vers esenian.
M-am imbatat cu Strauss,
Chopin mi-a fost amant
Si-am adormit pe Goya
Cu gindul la Mozart.
Rimbeaud imi e prieten,
Baudelaire e cam gelos,
Enescu-mi cinta seara
Cu-arcusul lui duios.
Rossini imi alina
Iubirea pentru List,
Vivaldi ma transpune
Pe unde de artist
Si ma ascund confuza
In ginduri delirante,
Pozind chiar pentru Rubens
In scenele flamande.
Titanii vietii mele
Pe care i-am iubit...
De nu v-as fi-ntilnit
La ce-as fi mai trait?"

\\ Curriculum vitae  [cccp 6161

I grew up with Verdi,
With Bach and Titzian,
Visiting Buonarotti
In verses divine.

Anna Karina winks at me coquettish
As Godard ping-pongs my eye balls
in pixels shifting vaguely.

Tarkovski is my friend.
He introduced me to Domiziana [Giordano
who promptly whispered that I dress elegantly.

My shirt and tie are crafted by Versace
My trousers by Armani
Comme des Garcons warms me in winter
as I step on real bugs in Dolce & Gabbana [elkskin boots

My Costume National scarf flutters in the wind
as I boil [madly] the Castrol GTX in my red automobiles:
Ferrari of Modena + Alfa Romeo of Milano.

I get drunk with Bregovic
who recollects some very foamy bubbles
Latinovic appears and straddles mmmmmmy Ducati
We undulate into the sleep of growth
+ the depth of 01 izvor ...

I hide my confusion in delirious dreams

My lover is the Unpronounceable
I gently slip within NN

Now, double click me silly!
and watch me dance.


[TM] life accomodations. pop.tart treats + equipment. generously provided
by Europe 2000 + 1st world govs everywhere

>  Bucharest Bienale 13
>  Infiltration into an art institution
>  Using the same original map of the  Bucharest Biennale, which is used on all
>official leaflets/posters, we are speculating the power of this medium-the
>mass-media, parasitizing it and transforming it into a personal platform for
>development of our individual project. On the photo, which represents the
>map of the biennale, are marked the official locations. On the unofficial
>photo of
>the same original map, the camera is changing perspective, ignoring some
>locations, but revealing instead a new one.
>  Each art institution is constructed on image. In the age of image,
>infiltrates itself into an art institution using the same weapons as the
>institution uses itself, the image.
>  Art is only a convention. For an artist to be considered an artist and for
>artistic �products� to be considered �works of
>art� it
>is enough to convince certain people, who will promote yourself because they
>believe in the  �seleability� of your product.  By convincing
>certain people, who play crucial role in the art scene: critics, curators,
>gallerists, journalists, it is relatively simple to establish success.
>everything can be art, you just have to know how the mechanism works, and its
>tricks as well.
>  What we do, by inserting our logo and adding a new location (Piata Alba
>Iulia/tell_1_vision) on the biennale�s map, is to make use of the rules
>the game, skip all the intermediary phases of convincing people and their
>promotion and go directly to the target: participation in an International
>  When Duchamp brought an urinal into a museum it immediately became an
>artwork. The
>medium is the message has still a strong word to say in our cultural system.
>  We brought this concept to its extreme limit: we transformed our group
>tell_1_vision into an art group by placing it into an artistic context.
>  Each artistic gesture stands under the auspice of cause and effect and the
>cannot be fully foreseen. Our interaction is possible because the marriage
>art and life has been proclaimed.

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