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Re: [Nettime-ro] BOR si new+improved miscare democratica
0f0003 | maschinenkunst on Tue, 6 Jun 2006 18:34:49 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: [Nettime-ro] BOR si new+improved miscare democratica

>Ce deosebeste o societate contemporana de una traditionala/traditionalista?!

tot ce este contemporan este by that very fact traditional


societate contemporana - planned

societate traditionala - grown


societate contemporana - loose bonds between its citizens. strong bonds
between its institutions

societate traditionala - strong bonds between its citizens. loose bonds
between its institutions


societate contemporana - linear time. perpetual discontent

societate traditionala - time travel. transcendance. cyclical content\discontent


societate contemporana - mass production and labor specialization
                         an abundance of inexpensive and _cheap goods
                         absent in personal significance

societate traditionala - personal and small scale production.
                         low labor specialization with an abundance of
                         hand made / small scale production goods heavily
rooted in
                         personal and community rituals.


societate contemporana - pervasive threat of force and police intervention
enforce a diverse yet fractured standard

societate traditionala - pervasive interactions between its members ensure
a rich, meaningful and homogenous standard


societate contemporana - desacralization. false reality. fissured
universes. inharmonic unsustainable chaos.

societate traditionala - senseful reality. sacred universes. fluid harmonic
sustainable balance.

societate contemporana - communism. capitalism. artificial thought out \
planned \ theoretical \ within the human imagination worlds.

societate traditionala - village. body. nature. grown. beyond the human
imagination worlds.

much as a company is not sustainable and needs to employ individuals,
societatea contemporana is not sustainable and needs societatea traditionala
whether local, as witnessed in romania during capitalism/communism/capitalism,
or distributed, as evident in usa + ue which depend on '3rd world countries'

in all cases wealth is relocated from rural environments to urban centers,
from `3rd world` countries to `1st world countries`,
and chaos, terror and instability are exported to rural environments and
`3rd world` countries
under the brand names of 'progress', 'democracy', 'human rights',
'contemporary society'

the communists did it.
the capitalists perfected it.

das kapital - 1x global organizm

>Aceasta, de azi, foloseste hirtia igienica, si nu frunze de brusturi, cirpe si
>cu inventarea lui, ziarul...Astfel, se creaza iluzia complexitatii,
>si a prosperitatii. Sufletul omului nu evolueaza, poate - se cizeleaza!
>dintre acestea e mai importanta decit felul in care arata ambalajul (dupa unele
>surse - temnita) acestuia: corpul. De aceea, dreptul la diferenta e mai
>degraba un
>dar decit un drept. De ce sa revendici ceva daca il si posezi din nastere? Un
>de vedere.


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