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[Nettime-ro] TECHNOLOGICAL ARTS , ephemeral architectural interventions
artcontemporain on Tue, 20 Jun 2006 14:21:16 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] TECHNOLOGICAL ARTS , ephemeral architectural interventions

PAYSAGES ÉPHÉMÈRES 2007 contest of ephemeral architectural interventions,
finalist.. The project is situated in the field of digital and media art
?Dismemberment of the human body 2.1? by Florian LIBER will be presented on
June 27, 2006 in front of the public (House of the Culture of Mount-Royal,
Event organized by Odace Events and phd(a)rchitecture
Partners: The Council of Arts of Montreal, Festivals and Quebec Events.

The human body is dismembered during the informational way flux. In other words,
the human body leaves the physical world (or the environment world), penetrates
the enclosure of the interfaced world (virtual environment) in the form of the
pulses or of optical signals filtered analytically. Thereafter, the
analog-to-digital interface translates it in accordance with a communications
protocol being assimilated by a computer according to a process algorithm (
http://www.demembrement.blogspot.com/ )

A new esthetics of the body
It is well known that the digital virtualization process is based on emerging
but somehow fleeting technologies.  We will not question ourselves on the
ephemeral status of new medias and technologies, but we will rather explore,
here, the constituents of a primary symbolic code that would give a semiotic
significance to a virtual language, which is revealed by an actual artistic
practice, in general, and by a typology of the dismembered body, in particular.
In a new order of things, what kind of emphasis could we use to bring forward
the dismembered body so it could reach the zenith of a symbiotic man-machine? 
Can the notation system of the body?s movements, built with virtual digital
grounds, hold any meaning at all?  Will it change the cultural relations
between an already existing visual anthropology, outdated, and the future of
digital images in motion?  (© Fl.Liber, University of Montreal )

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