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[Nettime-ro] Radiator Festival for New Technology Art
Florian LIBER on Wed, 2 Aug 2006 18:04:38 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Radiator Festival for New Technology Art

Radiator Festival for New Technology Art
August News Update
1. First Play Berlin
2. Cybersonica
3. Trigger
4. Tokyo ? Dislocate
5. Appointment to Arts Council England, East Midlands Regional Council
6. Information

1. First Play Berlin

Trampoline announces its upcoming project First Play Berlin, a live media art programme to take place at Hebbel am Ufer in October 2006. Three commissions from Radiator Festival 2005 in Nottingham will be showcased; Active Ingredient?s ?Ere be Dragons - a game of discovery governed by the human heartbeat; Dan Belasco Rogers traces his childhood home onto the venue in Our House; Tree by Simon Heijdens sees a virtual tree respond to changes in the weather and the sound of traffic. Another Radiator 2005 artist, Michelle Teran, revisits Life: A User?s Manual ? a subversive study of the city?s CCTV landscape. 

Internationally renowned Blast Theory premieres Day of the Figurines - a mobile phone game for up to 1000 players. Day of the Figurines has been produced within the Integrated Project on Pervasive Games by Blast Theory, Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham, Sony Net Services and the Interactive Institute, Gotland University. Blast Theory is widely regarded as one of the most adventurous artists' groups using interactive media.  

First Play Berlin features innovative work questioning the concept of performance and expanding the notion of interactive art. Dominated by an artistic process absorbed in understanding location and pervasiveness, the work demonstrates tensions between the local and global by addressing the complexity of our globally connected reality. In their approach, narrative, history and fantasy are woven together to form a picture remarkably familiar in content but delivered in a way that seems to understand the complexity of the communications and relationships in our day-to-day lives. Using locative media such as mobile phone, PDA, location sensor devices, a truly interactive experience is created for the audience, embedding the art into the real, physical, urban environment.

2. Cybersonica

Anette Schäfer and Miles Chalcraft, founders and directors of Radiator and Trampoline, introduced a panel at London's Cybersonica Festival in May. Focusing on artistic practice making use of digital technologies in live work such as performance, live art or gaming, the panelists represented the creative vision Trampoline and Radiator have promoted for the last ten years. The panel comprised artists involved in Radiator 2005: Matt Adams (Blast Theory), Dan Belasco Rogers (plan b) and Rachel Jacobs (Active Ingredient).

3. Trigger

In June, Trampoline joined forces with Trigger at Q Arts, Derby to create an evening of cross-disciplinary experimentation. Trampoline - our platform for new media art took the form of a coach, carrying Nottingham artists and laden with electrical and digital devices. Travelling to Derby, live performances on the coach evolved into an exhibition on arrival. 

4. Tokyo ? Dislocate

Trampoline is proud to be associated with an exhibition in Ginza and Koiwa, Tokyo from 28 July - 18 August 2006. Dislocate examines tensions between the local and the global ? the elements and identity of one local space which are simultaneously intersected by countless global links and influences. Video, web streaming, audio guides and a cardboard city combine to challenge the ubiquity of new media and our sense of place.

5. Appointment to Arts Council England, East Midlands? Regional Council

Anette Schäfer, co-founder and director of Radiator and Trampoline has been appointed to the regional council of Arts Council England, East Midlands to join representatives of other arts organisations and city councils. Anette will be representing the arts in the East Midlands and working with Arts Council England to develop the digital arts infrastructure in the region with a special insight into international exchange and collaborations.

6. Information

· First Play Berlin is funded by Federal Cultural Foundation Germany, British Council, Hebbel am Ufer and supported by Radiator Festival and Nottingham Trent      University.
· Trampoline?s collaboration with Trigger has been supported by Arts Council England
· Go to www.radiator-festival.org for more information

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