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0f0003 | maschinenkunst on Thu, 17 Aug 2006 07:40:39 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] \\ isea o6


isea 06

\+\ it uent zomdzing like dz!!!!sz


4 a moment i thought i had arrived in .ro
for immediately after exiting the plane
01 personaj asked me if i need a taxi - dzatz serviz bebe !!
3rd world style \+\ simply superior

coupled with the arsenal of homeless people - miiiiammm

+ further complemented by the fact that on 3 occasions complete strangers
[not homeless]
started conversations for a few blocks - `just 2 pass the time` - yes please -
lets komercialize disz 22222. the 15 min life style macht ganz glucklich +
frei !!

eerie viewing palm trees nestled among the typical jankee peisaj
yet after a few days one becomes accustomed to it.

overall - v.lvly life forms. conviviality++ and dze conference was quite good
punktuated by moments ov ultra brilliance ...

which i tell u about in delated fashion



Reality is too komplex 4 oraL kommunikation


Ministry ov Sugg3stion. S3duktiøn \+\ TOTAL>RADIKALER>M9NDFUKC++
| Sektia A | Quadrant 24 | Labyrinth ø9 |

We destroy everything we touch!

We steal human labor and shapeshift it in2 fire _+ ice.
We teleport you from rapture \2\ rupture \2\ extasy \+\ back again.
We steal your nights and sell them to sleepless torture

We fuse the retinas of unbelievers in eye|2|eye tactile motility.
We are the black cloud. resolutely human. albeit calcified \2\ form
a hypnotic sense ov detachment.


We are Absolute Power \+\ Joy.
We are the fatal leap into Emptiness. Alpha + Omega. War and Peace.
We radiate at all frequencies and seek not you but Pleasure.

We Ex.press. your interior world. We Lift u 2 Ex.perienss.
We may decide to enchant you and you shall surrender!



The problem I think goes back to our basic conception of the world.

Occident democracy has been built upon the dichotomy real\apparent.
from Euclid to Einstein western science has been based
upon the devaluation of human existence.

Yet ... among romanian peasants the ritual narration of stories
defends the house against the devil and evil spirits.
Still more, the narration leads to the presence of god.

... the intermediary world between this intelligible world of beings of
pure light
and the sensible world ...

birth in farewell bodies

Walking over the world's eyelids
in speech that takes sense from the lips
and gestures that carve themselves
in the winds ...

This is my fair garment singed in fire.
and these are my prophet's odds and ends.
And this is my contorted face.
The face that did not know it could be beautiful.

Flame feeding on its own flickering
... a moist hope

Am terminat cu lucrurile marete
si planurile de anvergura,
cu institutiile mari
si succesele de rasunet.

Sint de partea acelor forte
umane invizibile, iubitoare,
marunte, care lucreaza de la un
individ la altul, furisindu-se
prin cotloanele lumii ca
firisoarele de radacina,

sau ca incretiturile abia schitate
ale apei, care, daca li se ofera timpul
necesar, vor fisura si cele mai
dure monumente ale semetiei.

Progress is inevitable for linear time destroys everything -
if formerly we have suffered from crimes. We now suffer from laws.

... In an advanced democracy, where progress is measured by the
extent that the police prohibits people from destroying themselves

Communism - the secularization of mysticism
Capitalism - the secularization of desire

We desire a bridge between the worlds of spirit and democracy

U radu je spas !!!


m9ndfukc.maCht.frei !!


Between thresholds. between states.
Poised on the brink of absurdity, else, a kind of attitudinizing male arrogance,
he flirts with bouts of macho extremism and slips over into dream and poetry
just as they grow most alarmed.

His implacably grave coolness is audaciously mannered ...
for him principle is merely habit.

We are what we repeatedly do.

One moment,
one shot,

alone in his room,
He impassively collapses in unexplained laughter.

We view him stretched out on his bed, the source of a silent spiral of
cigarette smoke,
like a patient, tidy corpse-in-waiting, he is not just
himself, or some nameless nobody. He is the distilled essence of
solitary collaboration, suspended between a somnambulant calm
and self-destructive dedication.

Without emotion nothing matters.

Loving care is a condition that cannot be recreated,
though some have tried, only to discover that graceful aging
is more difficult to duplicate than the look of new and improved.


Twice upon a time

Pe-un picior de plai
Pe-o gura de rai

Beyond the looking glass
from within the passing of time

Stepped the fortune teller.
Incensed in cardamon and ambergris

veiling her cheeks in hair
turning gracefully as a deer

The arrows of her eyes
piercing the mist.

'I am the ruler and commander of Freedom', I thundered.

'I created the alphabet. Now hear my tale'

And she spoke
alone in all the world ...

                   [Phylotic BodyScapes | Entheogenic Axioms : Poly-Scalar
Heterotopic Botany

"All possible branches are real"  (Borges, J.L. The Garden of Forking Paths)

Gardens were always optimistic reflections of the world, the liminal spaces
between the known and unknown, matter and aether.
Foucault describes gardens as the oldest form of heterotopias, a microcosm
of species, the smallest parcel of the world in its totality:
"The heterotopia is capable of juxtaposing in a single real place several
spaces, several sites that are in themselves incompatible ...
the oldest example of these heterotopias that take the form of
contradictory sites is the garden."

Shifting away from millennia old, rigid and static instrumentalities of
control on the one side
and fictional representational effects on the other, Phylotic is a
computational system
employing dynamically relational assemblages for analysis, synthesis and
cataloguing of regional
folkloric and cultural artifacts' phenotypes into a library of seeds or
DNA, that may be grown, mutated and
hybridized upon infinitely variable topographies, transcending temporal,
spatial, geographical and disciplinary boundaries,
osmotically bleeding the real and virtual within each other, as a
heteroglossic yet glabrous continuum.

Although the system is open ended, being suitable for biomimetics and
cultural mimetics,
within the current context we shall elucidate the latter, with a focus on
pertinent Balkan folklore
and its myriad manifestations and potentialities for fashion/bodyscapes design.

Employing processes of intensive genetic computation, distributed
authorship and human/non-human agents in material/design praxis
we adopt a syncretic methodology for reconciling and coalescing the
disparate, even opposing, cultural traditions
and regional sentiments of Balkan, germinating its multifarious seeds into
a heterotopic multiverse of
intricately entangled, real and irreal gardens patterned as
phantasmagorical bodyscapes.

Through the mediation of a custom library of genetic algorithms, the system
educes the hypostases, or DNA's
from divergent regional artifacts' phenotypes, populating a genetic library
of seeds for the incubation
of novel garden types -- poly-scalar heterotopias. As opposed to
individuations as subject or form, design is understood
as genetic inscription. The parallel reality of the invisible code is a
common ground for multiple actualizations,
exploding design beyond the edges of human imagination, into a nomadic and
unstable topology
traversing spirals polyphonically within the plasticity of incandescent
meanings and coruscating myriads,
as an infinite abacus of fugue matrices, clarity and autopoietic complexity.

"When the sign loses its meaning, when it loses all possible meanings,
then it becomes pure sign, naked sign, abstract sign, it enters deeper
still into calculation, into mathematics, into money, (...) the number
becomes a letter, the letter itself is a symbol, the information,
the software undifferentiates itself, as if it were slowly entering
its own faculty, its own nakedness"  (Serres, Michel. Genesis)

In Phylotic, the human body becomes the most intimate
heterotopic space, the breathing landscape onto which
the computational system grows elaborate and sensuous

The concept of bodyscapes emphasizes our approach to
the human body as a breathing, livingscape and delineates
our move away from the desacralized democratic vision of clothing as static,
impersonal wearables towards a deeply symbiotic, relational
one of "living with and being lived". Simultaneously we
abandon the concept of clothes as cut and sewn, modular
assemblages and adopt a bottom-up, intricate, non-linear, botanical
view--clothes as grown and evolving bodyscapes.
The skin becomes the garden; the human body, an
intimate participant in the act of creation.

No longer does one choose a garment from a limited
assortment of sizes and styles limited to a designer's
imagination. Extending the complexity and infinite
variability of the human body, Phylotic bodyscapes
themselves, are infinitely variable and complex,
deeply personal, evolving structures in space.

Having mentioned the concept of bodyscapes, we
introduce the concept of morphological
seeds/DNA. Phylotic bodyscapes are grown by
computationally germinating cultural, biological
and synthesized morphological seeds.

Morphological seeds/DNA are the structural, textural,
and relational dynamics found in living organisms
and cultural artifacts, eg. a lizard's skin, an intricate lace,
a romanesco cauliflower, a leaf, one's own skin.
Phylotic's computational algorithms analyze, educe and
catalog a pattern's hypostasis or seed, subsequently
employing genetic algorithms for hybridizing and mutating
an assemblage of seeds, onto infinitely variable,
poly-scalar topographies, from molecular to human
to architectural scale.

While adopting the non-linearity of natural processes,
Phylotic does not replicate their form in silico.
It does not copy the form of a sunflower but employs
the genetic decisions and accidents that led to the creation
of a sunflower. (Phylotic puts the garden into the machine.)

One may, for instance, extract the morphological DNA
from the delicate phenotype of a centuries old lace
from Pag, Croatia, mutate it with a sensual Romanian
'marama' and evolve it into a phantasmagorical bodyscape
on the topology of one's body, in whole or in part.
Or perhaps, one prefers the deeply intricate pattern
of a lizard's skin hybridized with the texture of one's
own skin. Conversely, the system may extend persistency
to ephemeral bio-states, eg. foam, procreating the fleeting
morphological impulses into soft, tangible, whispering,
membranic bodyscapes. The possibilities are endless
and infinitely tempting.

Phylotic presents an invitation to rediscover the pleasure
of gesture, the spirit of curiosity, the notion of intimacy
and sharing. It embraces the idea of clothing as evolution and
harmony with life, human body and environment, away
from novelty for novelty's sake, towards an unpredictable
yet dialogical, affective, continuos state of becoming.
The human body is thrilling. Phylotic's bodyscapes embody
the beauty of life -- joie de vivre, making clothing
as thrilling as the body, coming alive with it, overflowing
in its vitality.

It represents a novel approach in design,
which dispels the methodologies of control,
introducing us to new kinds of propositions and
multiplex actualizations, exploding creativity beyond
the edges of human imagination, towards the
concept of clothes as responsive, autopoetic bodyscapes.

Phylotic embraces modern manufacturing methodologies,
yet, it simultaneously subverts the parsimoniousness of
mass production, transporting us to a time when clothes,
and indeed everything was made "just for us", a time
when our relationship to the things in our lives was
deeply personal and affective.

Phylotic reasserts the human body as the most
striking and obvious illustration of our presence.
It reminds us that our bodies are the borders of
our understanding. That the first things which
belong to us are those that are actually physically
a part of us--our eyes, our fingers.

And in doing so, it intimates the path across the
solipsistic gulf. Where when one arrives, one knows
that the future has joined with the past to make a
circle ... outside time.

"When I'm alone, I want you to enter inside me,
I wish to wear you. Dissolved and integrated,
we are exploded into a nomadic, unstable topology
of ceramic ribbons and microfluidic channels,
of myriad phosphorescent gleams, of the
mysterious encounters, in indivisible dreams."

A kiss from paradise
From neznanie to sacred knowledge
From childhood 2 conscious childhood

Sometimes ... reality is too complex for oral communication
But legend embodies it in a form which enables it to spread ... all over
the world.


                              ORDNUNG \+\ DISZIPLIN

                                                        | | open handz.
klosz handz - pe plan mondial

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