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[Nettime-ro] reminder PAVILION Lecture Series - Lara Taubman
PAVILION [contemporary art & culture magazine] on Thu, 19 Oct 2006 21:38:32 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] reminder PAVILION Lecture Series - Lara Taubman

Lecture Series (VII)

19 Octomber 2006, 18.00 hours
American Cultural Center Bucuresti
Str. Jean Louis Calderon, nr.7-9

/see Romanian version below/

Lara Taubman, “The Fool”

The Fool is made of two essays and one short fiction story all inspired by True North (2005) by Isaac Julien. The first essay examines the film's main character Vanessa Myrie, a nomad wandering through the blank, icy desert of Antarctica.  Julien uses Myrie to propose new ideas on diaspora  using the ocean as frozen desert and site for migration offering an alternative to Robert Paul Gilroy's ideas of diaspora in the liquid Black Atlantic.   
In a critical reading of Walter Benjamin's essay based on Baudelaire's depiction of the ubiquitous but anonymous urban wanderer of 19th century Paris, The Flaneur, I propose Myrie as today'sflaneur. This flaneur embodies the persona of  Modernist man. The third fictional story applies comparisons discussed in the first two essays between urban/wilderness, inner/outer world, physical/conceptual explorations, etc.  A woman, cheated out of love, searches for her lost identity. Through her torn illusions, she obtains a clear view of what and whom she will be in the future. Like Vanessa Myrie, she is also an explorer seeking identity in the blankness of her own mind where her painful loss reflects into her mind that is blankened by grief.
Her presence in The Fool proposes the feminine subject as indispensable when discussing the future of diaspora and identity. Benjamin's flaneur serves as a reflexive foundation ideal for creating a new person of the future as seen in Vanessa Myrie, a figure who proposes how identity in diaspora can initiate in the female "everyman" rather than a diaspora that is created through reactions to a male dominated patriarchy.
Lara Taubman is an art critic and curator based in Phoenix, Arizona. She hold a Master of Arts Degree at NYU. She curated recently “Beauty, Function & Paradox in Downtown Phoenix” and “A Warlike People: Victims or Perpetrators?”. She is permanent contributor of magazines like “Sculpture”, “Spot”, “Art Papers,”Java Magazine”, “Shade Magazine”, “artUS Magazine” and she is newly appointed correspondent for “Artforum.com” and “Artnews” magazines.

Pavilion Lecture Series is produced by PAVILION, contemporary art & culture magazine.


Admission free.

Please plan to arrive by earlier in order to allow for security checking. Identity documents are required for entry.


Lara Taubman, “The Fool”

"The Fool" este alcatuit din doua eseuri si o scurta poveste inspirate de lucrarea video "True North" (2005) al lui Isaac Julien. Primul eseu o are in centru pe Vanessa Myrie, o nomada ce hoinareste prin desertul alb si inghetat al Antarticii. Julien foloseste acest personaj pentru a propune o noua perspectiva asupra diasporei folosind desertul inghetat ca spatiul al migratiei. Aceasta este o alternativa la lucrarea lui Robert Paul Gilroy care foloseste imaginea Atlanticului negru. Intr-o lectura critica a eseului lui Walter Benjamin, bazat pe descrierea lui Baudelaire a hoinarului urban din Parisul secolului XIX, flaneurul, o propun pe Myrie ca fiind flaneurul zilelor noastre. Flaneurul intrupeaza omul modernist. Cea de-a treia poveste aplica comparatiile discutate in
primele doua eseuri: urban/salbatic, viata interioara/viata publica, explorari fizice/conceptuale. O femeie, inselata in dragoste isi cauta identitatea pierduta. Prin intermediul iluziilor neimplinite, ea descopera cine si cum va fi in viitor.
Ca si Vanessa Myrie, ea este un explorartor ce-si cauta identitatea in pustietatea mintii. Prezenta ei in "The Fool" propune imaginea femeii indispensabile in cazul discutiilor despre diaspora si identitate. Flaneurul lui Benjamin este idealul folosit in crearea unui personaj al viitorul cum este Vanessa Myrie, o figura a identitatii in diaspora, identitate ce este creata prin reactii la societatea patriarhala.

Lara Taubman este critic de arta si curator din Phoenix, Arizona. Detine Master of Arts Degree al NYU. A curatoriat recent “Beauty, Function & Paradox in Downtown Phoenix” si “A Warlike People: Victims or Perpetrators?”. Este colaborator permanent al revistelor “Sculpture”, “Spot”, “Art Papers,”Java Magazine”, “Shade Magazine”, “artUS Magazine” si a fost recent numitacorespondent al “Artforum.com” si “Artnews”.

Pavilion Lecture Series este produsa de PAVILION, revista de arta si cultura contemporana.


Intrarea libera.

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