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[Nettime-ro] expo la School of The Art Institute of Chicago

Student Press Contact:
Melissa Matuscak
Gallery 2 and Project Space
School of the Art Institute of Chicago 
mmatus {AT} saic.edu

The Classroom Meets The Gallery in Three Exhibitions
at SAIC Gallery 2
and Project Space: "push, puncture, shimmer, trace";
"Who?s Your (name of group)?"; and "Why No Get Away" 
December 8, 2006-January 13, 2007

November 30 -- Each semester The School of the Art
Institute of Chicago
offers students numerous exhibition opportunities
within the School's
galleries as well as spaces throughout Chicago. One
way that students 
gain the experience of bringing work into a public
context is through
courses that contain an exhibition element. Three
exhibitions opening
at Gallery 2 and Project Space are the culmination of
projects that approach the exhibition in unique and
challenging ways.
The exhibitions open with a public reception on
Friday, December 8,
from 5:00-8:00 p.m.

For "push, puncture, shimmer, trace", students from
Mary Patten's 
"Video Installation I" class complete individual
projects while taking
into consideration the dynamics of video installation
in a gallery
context. According to the class: "Video installation
is everywhere: in 
galleries, museums, biennials, and increasingly at
international film
and video festivals, but also in shopping malls,
parking garages, and
prisons. An increasingly complex set of conversations
is necessary to
untangle the hybrid forms and far-flung agendas at
play in current
video installation practices." Through this process,
the class
addresses issues of space and site, narrative and
identity, privates
and publics, and technologies past and future. Artists
include Robert 
Andrade, Catherine Bird, Jonathan Escalona, Hiromi
Fujihara, Lauren Kay
La Rose, Garrett Magee, Kathleen Ruffalo, Aaron
Sallfertorr, Christina
Steel, Aimee Tompkins, Nora Wolf, and Kelly Xintaris,
with assistance 
from Emily Kuehn.

"Why No Get Away" began with Ellen Rothenberg's course
"Text Off the
Page", a workshop of writers and visual artists
working both
individually and collaboratively to create new work
that incorporates 
text in some fashion. The text may exist simply as a
starting point.
Or it may be a script, or a narrative that unfolds on
a canvas, or a
video that asks what goes unsaid, that forces an
audience to fill in
the words themselves. The class is a continuing dialog
between artists 
and writers, and the work they create is often a
dialog in itself -
between image and text, between sound and image, image
and silence,
object and phrase, physical space and literary
book-as-object and book-as-narrative. 

There is also a reading held in conjunction with the
exhibition, to
take place on Saturday, December 9 at 7:00 p.m. at
Gallery 2 and
Project Space.  The class invites writers and
performers to create work
based on or in response to the pieces in the
exhibition. Artists
include Liz Burke, Margaret Chapman, Brendan Codey,
Karolina Gnatowski,
Jac Jemc, Joanna Kenyon, KJ Kim, Delia Popa, Shannon
Schmidt, Matt
Test, Jennifer Towner, and Gwendolyn Whiteside, with
assistance from 
Louie Holwerk.

For Maureen Pskowski?s "Curatorial Practice" course,
collaborate as curators to develop a themed
exhibition. The class will
present "Who's Your (name of group)?", an exhibition
that uses the new 
social construct of found families as subject matter
as a means for
artistic production. The themes of collaboration,
inclusion and
exclusion are at the core of this investigation of
what Ethan Watters,
in the "New York Times", identified as a distinctly
urban, American 
stage of adulthood. This concept starts with the 11
curators working as
a team in the SAIC Curatorial Practice class, and
continues with the 5
artist group's handling of the subject matter and
their processes.
Finally, it is seen in the audience involvement of
Harrell Fletcher's
art event "Come Together (Chicago)" that invites the
audience to be a
part of his found arts family. This event will take
place on Saturday, 
December 9 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. at Gallery 2 and
Project Space.

The artist found families include: The Architects,
Timothy Campbell and
Eduardo Angel, Harrell Fletcher, The Knitters, and
Amanda Thomson. The
curatorial team includes: Karen Azarnia, Michael
Beasley, Liz
Blackburn, Steven Bridges, Joe Hardesty, Fredrick
Elms, Hyun Sik Kim,
AJ Reading, Ruinjun Shen, Sue Shon and Joshua Sovell,
with coaching by
Maureen Pskowski. 

"push, puncture, shimmer, trace", "Who's Your (name of
group)?", and
"Why No Get Away"
December 8, 2006-January 17, 2007
Opening reception: Friday, December 8, 5-8pm
Gallery 2 and Project Space 
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
847 W. Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL  60607
saic847 {AT} saic.edu
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm, free

About the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
A leader in educating artists and designers for 140
years, the School
of the Art Institute of Chicago offers undergraduate
and graduate 
programs to nearly 2,800 students from around the
world. In addition to
the time-honored study of painting, sculpture,
printmaking, and design,
SAIC?s studio programs embrace film and new media,
electronic and sound 
arts, and creative writing. To complement its studio
programs, SAIC
offers academic degrees in disciplines from art
history to arts
administration, visual and critical studies to
historic preservation.
Located in the heart of Chicago, the School promotes
discourse about art and design through venues such as
the Gene Siskel
Film Center, Video Data Bank, Betty Rymer Gallery,
Gallery 2, the
Division of Continuing Studies, and in conjunction
with the Poetry

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