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Re: [Nettime-ro] [Syndicate] NATO's Role In Erection Of Berlin Wall
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Re: [Nettime-ro] [Syndicate] NATO's Role In Erection Of Berlin Wall

On Nov 23, 2009, at 1:18 AM, Susane McKinney wrote:

western europe has been conquered.

the balkans is being conquered.

The world was already conquered... again - has nothing to do with balkans or west.

Some of the world has been conquered.
Has everything to do with the balkans + 'third world
since some includes all ... of the west.

Re: money - u knou NOT what u speak ov

oh YES I do. Believe me.

Reason you say that there is less money in the balkans +?

You know not what you speak of - very seriously.

Interesting point of view, but I'm interested in other issues, like people, literally, and not where they come from, just how they are.

One can't reverse engineer childhood.

The large scale sucks in the balkans, but it does so less than in western europe
-- the USA is light years ahead.

No doubt of that. You live in the US?

Sometimes I do. The large scale is superior to anywhere else = corporate communism

So - if you are bored bring ur occident komponents 2 the balkans
and we'll leverage them for you, FREELY >

"We", means that you are a balkaner?

One can't reverse engineer childhood.

I appreciate your offer, but I think I'm comfortable where I am.

Offer stands - FREE LEVERAGING

One has to keep his roots... even if the physical place is another, there are things that will never change.

But I still don't think the balkans are what the cool people want to make of it...

I'm talking about the balkans before the cool people started talking about the balkans.
The balkans that has always been there - nameless.

I've been already in many 'balkans' and not all were named that way. And my problem is exactly that - everything is labeled, not all is really discovered and experienced.

Are the dead things you eat unlabeled / do you grow/kill what you konsume or do others feed you +?


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