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[Nettime-ro] NATO's Role In Erection Of Berlin Wall
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[Nettime-ro] NATO's Role In Erection Of Berlin Wall

On Nov 22, 2009, at 10:14 PM, Susane McKinney wrote:

Hey guys, sorry for sneeking into your conversation, but this dialog on the balkans is quite annoying.... it's just a hype.

"Uau the balkans!!!! Everybody is crazy about the balkans" - boring bulls**t. The balkans are like everywhere else, except that until now they have less money than everyone else, but it all resumes to buying and power of consuming. It was once a dreamy fairytale, but now there's no difference to the rest - left or right. In this world all this dichotomy is nothing but rhetoric - everybody talks about it because it is a plus point, but a 'thousand kisses deep' it's as empty as unfertile.

There is so much more to explore and since years nobody is able to leave this "balkan-ology", when you have a much more "rich" europe where you didn't bother yet to look. It was 20 years ago.... it is gone.

Good night
and sorry again for my uninhibited thought, apologies to all the gipsies that sing for me on the streets...

The balkans ur imaging may be the bs  mentioned by inke arns et al.

western europe has been conquered.

the balkans is being conquered.

Re: money - u knou NOT what u speak ov

There is less 'money' in the so called developing areas of the planet
because property classification is largely ad hoc / non standardized
and therefore cannot be easily leveraged/prostituted on a large scale.

Think of it this way - habar n-ai ce vorbesc acum but now you can understand because English is FREE.

In the '1st world' everything has been catalogued and classified, measured, taxed and its value stamped accordingly.
This allows a property's owner to mortgage said property easily.

Thus the superior money flow in the west.
And as illustrated very recently it's largely funny / fiat money.

This is the reason communism failed - its twin, capitalism, has become so fluid that
communism simply couldnt compete any longer.

In the '3rd world'  (which truthfully should include western europe
as compared to the USA it is simply backwards+++++++++) --- in the '3rd world' personal property is largely uncatalogued and further, the mountains upon mountains of bureaucracy prohibit one from easily leveraging/prostituting this wealth outside the small scale.

In the 1st world wealth = debt

Last occident fairy tale = credit

The large scale sucks in the balkans, but it does so less than in western europe
-- the USA is light years ahead.

So - if you are bored bring ur occident komponents 2 the balkans
and we'll leverage them for you, FREELY >

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