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Re: [oldboys] maria fernandez on cyberfeminism
Pauline van Mourik Broekman on 22 Aug 2001 13:53:36 -0000

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Re: [oldboys] maria fernandez on cyberfeminism

Hiya old  boys,

Sorry to butt in after never doing so, but I could do that if Maria doesn't 
mind. I co-edit Mute & have got the final version + the opposing viewpoint 
(from Suhail Malik) somewhere here, as they've just been extracted from the 
page layouts to go on the Web. They were both part of a regular double 
pager we do sort of juxtaposing opposite points of view on a topical issue. 
They'll also both go up when our next issue (21) comes out.

Two seconds......



>pls. see at 'mute' issue 20 full version
>or maybe maria can send it to the list!?
>-->shortcuts page 10
>whatever happened to the cyborg manifesto?

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