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[oldboys] deprogramming.us presents: extreme whitespace
Amy Alexander on Tue, 20 May 2003 07:54:35 +0200 (CEST)

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[oldboys] deprogramming.us presents: extreme whitespace

extreme whitespace
(read between the lines... ) 

deprogramming.us presents v.0.1 of their perl software, extreme
whitespace. extreme whitespace reveals your linux/unix/macos-x terminal's
natural talent as a VJ instrument. typing as performance, rap, sport -
even reverse karaoke!


deprogramming.us is dedicated to celebrating deshackled software
development and culture in the post-dotcom renaissance. don't let the
dotcom bust you - cast off your markov chains and start deprogramming!

more on the deprogrammers' lofty views on programming culture and
psychiatric drugs can be found at:

hey! extreme whitespace makes its performance debut featuring Übergeek on
May 31st at read_me 2.3 in Helsinki.  
special bonus: a really wee introduction to BeepMusic. 

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