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[rohrpost] AudioHyperspace: New Audiolinks
Sabine Breitsameter on 14 Jul 2000 12:00:24 -0000

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[rohrpost] AudioHyperspace: New Audiolinks

Click and listen:

On http://www.swr2.de/hoerspiel/audiohyperspace/links.html

on this website of Southwestgerman Radio (SWR 2) you'll find my latest edition of the Audio Links of the Month, this time presenting selected links to

a site where you can interact with your computer keyboard as with a piano keyboard
a guidance how to change your personal computer to a radio station

The AudioHyperspace list provides you with selected links to
- acoustic web art
- experimental radio on demand
- audio archives
- radio stations live online
- artists' audio presentations
- background info

The edition is updated regulary every month. - Any hints appreciated.

Soon available in English!

Sabine Breitsameter
sbreitsameter {AT} snafu.de