Date sent: Wed, 1 May 96 17:48 MDT
From: Pit Schultz
Subject: nettime: nettime table text gathering
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what do* you do today?

while this message reaches you, some other people on this list are already thinking about their possible answers. there, on the borders of the net, one is most of the time offline or has other things to do, constituting again what it could mean to 'be online'. where does the time go away anyway, and the pleasure, and the energy?

please write down something of it and add it to the big net-time table to the day of work.


part of presence, lazyness, pleasure and technical trouble 'digital chaos' 5/30/96-5/2/96 hub at bath, uk


(* did, will, going to..)
you may use time-stamps, example:
'12:00 = i'll eat a sushi and do this or that'
all answers <1K go into one file where they
are anonymized, sorted, remixed,
and shaked out to get republished in
a matrix sheet where one can do
certain calculations with them.
please reply-to: