From: Pit Schultz
Date sent: Wed, 1 May 96 17:49 MDT
To: Multiple recipients of
Subject: re: property and territory

>content providers should make sure that they get paid properly if
>money is changing hands.

I think it is time that 'cultural producers' get together and build their own networks and agencies. If one is open to give up copyright, one should fight against those making money out of it on the publisher level, where at least there is nothing to pay any more: no paper, no distribution costs, no advertisment.

On the other hand the editing is still needed, how to define 'quality' and how to continously hold it? If a journal and a newspaper are invented for the print market, what would be the appropriate frame for e-media?

How one could use the possibilities of e-mail, text-archives, adress-data-bases to make a cultural production possible where the producer gets payed for his/her work and not only the one who is selecting and selling her/him. If we talk about decentralisation and digital revolution then we should think also about the positive aspects of it.

Who has made experiences in with similar projects, are there already 'authorship networks' on the net? Which structure of organisation is needed. what is the job of such an agency?