Date sent: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 15:46:54 +0100
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From: John Perry Barlow
Subject: Re: serious
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At 10:12 PM 11/9/95, Mark Tribe wrote:
> Just because they think of themselves as hipsters
> doesn't mean we should expect them to share the wealth.
> -R.U. Serious on the "techno-elite."
> (http://www.21c.COM.AU/unplugg.html)

That's R.U. *Sirius*, by the way.

And my lengthy experience with hipsters indicates that we are about as
willing to share the wealth as other mortals but not much more so. And
it's not as though being hip is commensurate to a vow of poverty except insofar
as it reduces the market for one's products.

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