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The past 3 years have seen a huge struggle against the upsurge of uncommodifableart. But the spectre of the non-authorship still haunts us. It poisons ourgalleries, demolishes markets and cliques, buries our profits beneath a tide ofreproduction and fakes. Increased freedom for those behind the computer meansmore of us dead under the printer. The play-zone on the outside offers no profitto those stranded in the private cosy comfort on the inside.

In 1994, 90% of artists made their own work - now the figure is 9%. The othersplagarise and rewrite others texts. It's too dangerous to sell anything anymore -because of inauthenticity. Writers pump out non-investable texts, threatening thevery existence of life in the market. Is this the art world we want? Do we wantmore wars over originality, indigenous publishers bankrupt and their copyrightportfolios decimated, just to fuel the engine of "intellectual growth"?

ANTI-COPYWRITE DISEASE is not terminal - the antidote is in our hands!

Markets can be places where investers play, the successful watch the world go by,dealers meet - in short, a place of investment. In the modern anti-market peoplehurtle past creating works, without regard to ownership. The madness of giftreplaces the intelligence of greed. Reclaiming Authenticity is not just aboutdestroying fakes . It is about rediscovering the profits of life without them.

Do you dream of a time where bankrupt gallerists regain their turnover to join inthe boom party? Where artist that sign their work are not isolated diehards, buta force to be reckoned with? Where painting isn't something happening on thesubway wall, but an art prusued in the studio? Where achievement is not markednot numbers of altered works but by signed orginals? Where no art work standsless than a century, computer reproduction is outlawed and forgers are sent togaol - if they can be found ? Where politics is not a spark of rebellion from belowbut a steady drip drip of control from above ?


Reclaim Authenticity! is a direct action network committed to ending the madnessof free creativity. We are FOR painting, authorship and trustworthy (original!)signing of works, and AGAINST net art, plagarists and the uninvested intereststhey serve. We are not a send-a-donation / get-the-mag / sit-in-your armchairorganisation. We are about getting involved and changing things through our ownactions.

If you are interested in taking part in our activities send us your name andaddress for our mailing list.

Reclaim Authenticity