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At 9:35 AM 5/7/96, Matthew Smith wrote:

> Just because the net is now unregulated, it does not mean that
>> governments will not try to find a way to do so. To believe in the
>> opposite is to align yourself with Barlow et al that we are safe in
>> cyberspace, the "new home of Mind". Suit yourself, or to quote from the
>> Doobie Brothers, "What a Fool Believes."

At no time did I say that governments would not try to find a way to
regulate the Net. Of course they will. And are. Indeed, it was the fact
that such efforts were already under way that motivated my Declaration.

I do believe that we are relatively safe on the Net now and can continue to
be if we stay creative and brave. I also believe that liberty lies first in
its exercise. It takes a lot of faith to be free.

There are many on this list who are so wedded to their notion of the
invincibility of the Bad Old Boys that they would rather surrender without
a fight than consider a world in which the Enemy was truly beaten.


John Perry

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