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From: John Perry Barlow
Subject: Re: nettime: ISP shuts Berserkistan
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>>Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 18:36:00 +1GMT
>>Subject: ISP shuts Berserkistan
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>To network administrators:
>Because of the conditions revealed below, an initiative has begun to
>filter out all incoming connections from and
>in a sesnse, a "Net Embargo"....Please configure your network to deny all
>connections from and

I don't know, Bob...

It sounds, at a great distance, like a personal dispute between a couple of
tekkies. I would hate to boycott Earthlink simply because they're run by a
Scientologist. I have my own problems with the Church of Scientology, but
I've always believed that tolerance begins (and ends) with the ability to
tolerate the intolerant. That's the real test.

And I'd resent it deeply if I they started boycotting me because I was
raised a Mormon.


John Perry

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