Date sent: Tue, 14 Nov 95 13:31 MET
From: (Pit Schultz)
Subject: the return of nettime

Dear Subscribers,

due to the regulary disfunctionality of our beloved notworks it took some time to let run again. Now, with you, a stable software and an unstable future almost everything seems possible again.

Let's define the use of this list by simply using it, for essays, announcements, requests, interviews, hotlists, shorts, references, news, just forward.

I think everyone of us knows about the use of a 'a well selected collection of e-mails', in this case it's a bit more, it grows mainly with the participation of the ZK-meetings and is therefore bound to a social selection, and a certain consensus in a needed critical practise of using the nets. please feel free to invite new subcribers but please understand that i have to approve it. I also will try to do a kind of moderation. Please look also into the NETTIME INFO for possible bugs.

it's strongly recommended to leave a message at Heath's

service center in tokyo, just opened at

They have developed some new and improved tools to cross the borders of the nets where 'communication creates conflict'. Visit their partners at:

next comes a text of Peter Lamborn Wilson, ccpasted from The Moorish Science Monitor. This 'tribe' publishes a _Mad Farmers Jubilee Almanack_
(who has recorded Peter's lessons in Budapest?)

enjoy it!