Date sent: Wed, 3 Jan 96 13:50 MET
From: Geert Lovink (by way of Pit
Schultz )
Subject: ZKP pre 1.9


ZK Proceedings 1995
>net criticism<
the Next Five Minutes edition
* a book in progress - copied on demand *
720 K floppy disk
what happend as far...

:) enhanced dead line : 6 jan 96 :)


Short note: this book will be not a 'real book', before it's end version it will change a lot. and during this phase it's the most interesting for all who join it. It's also not a zine, it's not only academic, nor artsy, nor techie, nor just activist. Maybe a bit too massive or marginal for some. But this is a good risk to take. we haven't selected in a traditional way - the textes came along, and everyone should be aware of his own possibilities to effect this collective process, model a field of imaginations and transform it to practise. again, we need even more textes - or you will be part of a later issue... so hang on to your keyboard, and watch out: it's a little bit different every moment.


from title K


editors Colophon
VNSMATRIX 'manifesto.gif' 30
MATRIX.COM 'netweather.europe.gif' 70
ELEKTRO 'various.sponsors.gif' ~100
Heath Bunting 'logo.gif' 4
cloud commission 'cloud0-6.jpg' ~150


Morgan Garwood pit stop 5
Misera Media six points plan 6T
Volker Grassmuck xs4all.faq 22*
Interfiction 'cyberrights updated' ???
Jagdish Parikh Delhi Symposium Declaration 7
Jack Jansen Why not Netscape? 4
Lovink/Schultz Grundrisse einer Netzkritik 20


Tommaso Tozzi text from Strano Network 16
ZAMIR peace networks in the war zones 75!!
decoder seizing the times 16
mediafilter ? ??
Andreas Broekmann,V2 'Tactical Media txt' ~10
Andy Mueller-Maguhn/CCC thoughts on the information society 12

Heath ? ???
east edge ? ???


Bruce Sterling 'a brief history of the internet' 23*
Tetsuo Kogawa 'toward polymorphous radio' 29
anonymous 'the story of Mel, a Real Programmer' 11


Matthew Fuller several shorts 7
Morgan Garwood on scenario planning 5
David d' Heilly notes from the japan underground ???
TechNet the intensifyer 2
Mark Tribe junk e-mail ?
Heath Bunting picking up nettime ? 'The Alphabet of desire' 3
Daniel A. Foss mbox: information pollution & blowback 10
Kit Blake 'global' 13
Howard Rheingold Technology criticism, ethics and you 6*
CAE Body Count 6 parts performance 13*


Matthew Fuller SPEW -excess and moderation on the networks 18
Critical Art Ensemble Adresse to i3: Utopian Promises, net Real. 29
Timothey Druckrey ?? ??
Mark Chapman The hippy cull 6
Heiko Idensen From hypertext utopias to coop. net-project 22
Doro Frank style as immune system 10
Konrad Becker e*scapism 7
Hans-Christian Dany Shizos still wanna have fun 19
Ted Byfield 'art 'r' us' 21
Mark Dery Slashing the Borg: Resistance is fertile 20
A+M Kroker 'Virtual Class' ?
Robert Adrian X Infobahn Blues 18
Phoebe Sengers 'On Instituionalisation' ~20
Jordan Crandall ? ?
Verena Kuni ? ?
Charlie Bertsch Wired? 22*
Bob Black Technophilia, an infantile Disorder 28
Klaus Schoenberger ? ???
Alluquere Rosetta Stone ? ???
Sabeth Buchmann ? ???
Kathy Rae Hoffman Cyberintimacy ~25


Vuk Cosic Very Cyber Indeed ??
??? Cultural Studies of The Net Quote Remix ???


Richard Barbrook,
Andy Cameron The Californian Ideology 60!!
Peter Lamborn Wilson 'net religion' ??*
F.Kittler, P.Virilio the information bomb T*
Deleuze/Guattari 'on capitalism: a very special delirium' ???*
Fuller/Plant Intelligence is No Longer on the Side 26*
of Power


nettimers delight top 100 of critical cyberology paperware ???

* with permission by AltX, Arte, Ctheory, Bad Subjects, Interface3, Meta- forumII, nettime, semiotexte, t0 public netbase, a.o. resp. the authors
T in translation
? degree of uncertainity/future release