Date sent: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 20:07:08 +0100
From: (Andreas Broeckmann)
Subject: nettime: CDA/Barlow

I wanted to write this note earlier, now it is more 'for the records':

What a strange coincidence that the CDA got rejected by the Philadelphia judges (12.06.96) only a few days after Barlow's 'Declaration' came under heavy attack during the 5th Cyberconf in Madrid where, after a series of comments from different European and American (incl. Mexican) critics who questioned the language as well as the cultural and ideological presumptions of the Declaration, even Barlow himself indicated that it might be untenable in its present form. Both statements, the CDA and the Declaration, seem to have neglected very important aspects of the reality of global network communication, its nature, its diversity, and its limitations.

- andreas