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<nettime-ann> [list] September on -empyre-: Sites in Translation

Please join us at


as we explore "Sites in Translation"

with artists Ricardo Miranda Zuniga, Mariam Ghani, Lana Lin, H. Lan =20
Thao Lam, and Angel Nevarez

In 2004, five artists and collaborative groups were commissioned to make
web-based projects for the latest edition of inSite, the binational
exhibition of site-specific work staged every few years along the San
Diego/Tijuana border.  Having opened the final week of August 2005,  =20
first venture online raises a number of interesting questions for
discussion.  "Tijuana Calling" is online now at:


The artists ask:   "Is the net a vast =91no-man=92s-land,=92 a =
border-free =20
zone contiguous to every place but specific to none? Or does the net =20
re-enact the politics of physical geography, with its own border =20
policies and politics of exclusion, recognition and reciprocity? Is =20
it possible for new media artists to activate the net for the staging

of projects responsible and responsive to communities that fall =20
between legitimized power sectors, and if so how?

"We would like to examine the role of the artist as translator, =20
mediating between points of origin and reception. We propose several =20
approaches toward understanding translation: physical place as re-=20
articulated in virtual space; linguistic translation proper; cross-=20
cultural production; and on-line transmission."

Please welcome Ricardo, Mariam, Lana, Lan Thao, and Angel.

------------------------------------------------>Ricardo Miranda =20
Zuniga grew up between Nicaragua, and San Francisco. A
bicultural upbringing tied to a multidisciplinary education has led =20
to work that attempts to cultivate interaction with the viewer and =20
may include performance, sculpture, video and audio, the Internet or =20
a combination of all. The principle behind the work is communication =20
as a creative process. <>

---------------------------------------------->Mariam Ghani is a =20
Brooklyn-based artist whose work in video, installation, new media, =20
text and public dialogue performance investigates how history is =20
constructed and reconstructed as narrative in the present. Her work =20
has been exhibited nationally and internationally since 1999, and she

has been making web-based projects since 2003. <http://www.kabul-=20>

----------------------------------------------->Lana Lin is a New =20
York-based media artist whose practice interprets
cultural histories and the processes of identification. Her work has =20
been shown at the Museum of Modern Art and Whitney Museum of American

Art, New York, China Taipei Film Archive, Taiwan, and the Festival de
Femmes, Creteil, France.

------------------------------------------------->H. Lan Thao Lam is =20
a bilingual artist/writer who has lived in Vietnam,
Malaysia, Canada and the US. Lam's work probes the inter-=20
relationships between place and history, architecture and philosophy.

Lam is the recipient of the Canadian Council for the Arts Media =20
Grant, H.L. Rous Sculpture Award, and James Robertson Environmental =20
Design Award.

------------------------------------------------>Angel Nevarez was =20
born in Mexico City, 1970, and raised in the United States. Nevarez =20
studied biology at the University of California, San Diego and in =20
2001-2002 was a studio fellow of the Whitney Museum Independent Study

Program. He is co-founder of the artist collaborative =20
neuroTransmitter, whose work fuses transmission and conceptual art. =20

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