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<nettime-ann> Call for Submissions from Displaced People

Call for Submissions from Displaced People from all disciplines, no age or nationality restrictions.

Artists Sheila Pinkel and Helene Black together with NeMe Interdisciplinary Collective invite submissions for participation in an exhibition to be held in Castelliotissa, Nicosia, Cyprus.

The exhibition will run parallel to the opening weeks of Manifesta 6 which will be held in Nicosia from 23/09/2006 until 17/12/2006

The focus of the exhibition is displacement and memory, whether political, economic or environmental. The exhibition, through connecting different sites and different people will be searching for a contemporary perception of the realities and dilemmas which confront displaced people.

Please submit one work which encapsulates a personal memory, desire or fragment of experience. The size of the submitted work should not exceed A4 (8 1/2" x 11", 21 x 29.5cm) and can also be in any art media including text, poetry, photograph, sketch, painting etc.
Please note that for this exhibition we do not accept video or web art submissions.

NeMe is currently seeking funding to publish a catalogue with a selection of the submissions.

Please visit
for more details about how to submit

Castelliotissa, Nicosia Cyprus

Invitation/Call for works: April 13 - May 31, 2006
Deadline for Works: May 31, 2006
Exhibition: September 30 - October 23, 2006
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