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<nettime-ann> OUTVIDEO 2006 festival -- call for submissions

Dear Ann & NETTIME team, we continue our project of integration videoart in
public sphere, could you help us to spread information about our event:
we invite artists & filmmakers who works with digital video & animation to
participate in 3-d International video-art festival in public spaces
Please post that invitation at NETTIME.ORG -- we are expect to receive
interested works from NETTIME.ORG community

Best regards
Arseny Sergeyev
Curator of OUTVIDEO festival
Nailya Allachverdieva
Director of OUTVIDEO festival

Tel./fax    +7 (343) 374 73 18

Art in Pro Creative group
Kominterna 20 app. 43

Organizers & festival team are Invite artists working with video, animation
and new media to participate in the project:

3-d International video-art festival in public spaces
Festival dates, June 5 - July 5, 2006

Festival place Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Voronezh, Irkutsk,
Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Riazan', Samara, Sochi, Ufa,
Yaroslavl', Yekaterinburg and Surgut [Russia]

The idea of the festival is to integrate contemporary video art into the
public spaces.

International Festival of Videoart in public spaces ³OUT VIDEO ?06² is the
only one around the world shown on large-sized LED video screens within the
urban environment. For two years it was held in Yekaterinburg (in
2004-2005). In 2006 ³OUT VIDEO² is for the first time emerging the
All-Russian stage and is to be demonstrated in 16 cities by the outdoor
video network consisting of 39 large screens. This festival aims at
full-scale integration of actual videoart into the urban environment and
promotion of public art strategies in Russia.

Within the framework of the festival, the programme includes lectures,
workshops, presentations and round tables of experts from Belgium, Germany,
Great Britain, Netherlands, France, Russia, Serbia. These activities are
intended to share experience and update possibilities and problems of
interaction between actual art and urban electronic media, aspects of actual
art integration into general audience and topical art practices of this

The festival public screenings will happen on outdoor video screens networks
of CityVision & "IgRek Cinema" companies, 39 city screens located in the
most busy spots. Selected video art works will be shown during one month
each day in the pauses between commercial blocks, altogether around 240
screenings per day on each screen.

There are only two formal requirements to video works: LENGTH - 30 SECONDS,

The festival will end with two nights video screenings of the entire
festival program on all 39 city screens.

The closing ceremony will include presentation of the best works in a cinema

Authors whose works will be chosen for day program screenings on the outdoor
video screens network will receive by mail special edition of DVD catalogue
with registration of translation theirs works on outdoor video screens
network in ³documentation² section & CD with photo & video registration
files ready to use 
After the end of the festival all participants will receive the festival DVD
catalogue by mail.

The amount of the applications from one participant is not circumscribed
(please see ENTRY FORM section to download application form & technical
Only one work from one author can be selected for public outdoor screening
in day program. 

All necessary information and application forms you can receive  also by
e-mail outvideo (a) pochta . ru or by telephone/fax +7 (343) 374 73 18
Contact person: Arseny Sergeyev ­ curator of festival

Deadline for works sent via post
May 15, 2006 (?sent? postmarked)
Deadline for works sent via fast post [DHL, UPS, City Express etc]
May 24, 2006 ("sent" postmarked)
Deadline for works sent via e-mail & FTP
May 31, 2006

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