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<nettime-ann> France: call to participation 2006 (Vox Internet user's guide)


 Call to participation 2006

The Vox Internet project seeks to build an open network within the French scientific field of researchers and experts dedicated to the study of the Internet from the perspective of its technological, social and political development. As the network is based on a portal for the management of documents and publications, its momentum and richness are largely dependent on its breadth and the involvement of each of its members.

The central theme of the 2006-2009 program is entitled : "Internet governance : the democratic construction of standards". In the collaborative process of producing and capitalizing on knowledge which Vox Internet wishes to implement, aside from regular seminars and two colloquia (one to be held half-way through the program and the second at the end of the program), we have launched the web portal for phase II. This portal is set to become the infrastructure that underpins scientific production within the four program axes that the main issue is broken down into.

 The history and conceptions of communication techniques
The Internet of things
Global Practices, Local Governances and Subjectivities
Media convergences & new subjectivities

As a tool for monitoring and transmitting knowledge, the portal aims to become a free-access knowledge base, a selection of relevant current events and a directory of resources, by making use of all the possibilities offered to researchers by information and communication technologies (ICT).

The portal's objective is to demonstrate the relevance of work carried out in an open and non-hierarchical group that makes efficient use of time and material resources without sacrificing in any way the scientific rigor required of an academic production. Through the disinterested preoccupation of vitalizing and mutualizing SHS research into the questions of the development and regulations of the Internet, we have been led to experiment with the use of ICT as a tool for managing information, measured against the work of knowledge production in a single discipline and constructing the multidisciplinary knowledge necessary for understanding some of the major challenges faced by contemporary societies.

The project's final aim is to become a crucial body of French, Francophone and European works, to be compared with the abundant North American scientific production on these questions. The project's final aim is to build a crucial body of French, Francophone and European works, to be compared with the abundant North American scientific production on these questions. For this open research network to function successfully, three roles are necessary :
• Participants : (see the user's guide below)
• Authors : An author is a participant who has proposed an article published on the site. The interest of an online publication lies in the ability to make its content dynamic and interactive, by : leading a discussion of the articles proposed and setting up web links to external references.
• Working group moderators : Participants and authors. A moderator guides the evolution of a working group by reviewing and evaluating online resources and managing common resources. Within the piloting committee, he or she will have a key role in organizing the program's seminar sessions and colloquia.

The Vox Internet network is open to all proposals to take part in its program. As the continuous adaptability and permeability of the network are a major challenge, our knowledge production process is intended as an experiment in the forms of Internet organization applied to the research field.
Françoise Massit-Folléa

Scientific coordinator École Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sciences humaines / Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme de Paris (

Amar Lakel

Research & development Docteur en Sciences de l'information et de la communication Chercheur associé au CRIS, Paris X - Nanterre / FMSH (
Projet Vox Internet - Bureau 313
Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme
54 bd Raspail
F - 75270 Paris cedex 06
Editeur: Vox Internet - Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme - Paris

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