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<nettime-ann> ensight......artworks from raw scientific data

+++ enSight - transforming raw data into art +++

An innovative multimedia art exhibition, charting the evolution from raw
science data into works of art in collabotations between researchers and
artists from around the world.  On display is a series of "triptychs"
made up of a raw science image, an artist's initial reaction, and the
final work arising from their dialogue.  enSight blurs the boundaries of
science and art, of observation and interpretation... Be part of the

  Opens: this Thursday 13th April 2006 until 18th April
  Hours: 15:00-20:00

  Venue: enSight gallery, 51 Home St, Tollcross, Edinburgh
           (opposite the Cameo Cinema)

Included in the exhibit are works by:
Sarah Afzal

Patrick Blaeser

Francesca Bray

Claire Dufresne

Andy James Farnell

Saskia Gavin

Jeremy Hight

David Hutchison

Aimee Lax

Jessica McClelland

Cathy Stobo

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