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<nettime-ann> Blackmarket, 20.04., Dance Congress Germany

Title: Blackmarket, 20.04., Dance Congress Germany
Mobile Academy presents:

Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge:
Encyclopedia of Dance Gestures and Applied Movements in Humans, Animals and Matter
An Installation with 100 experts by Hannah Hurtzig

Thursday 20th of April, 8.30 p.m. - 12 p.m.
As Part of the Opening of the Dance Congress Germany
House of World Cultures, John-Foster-Dulles Allee 10, Berlin

Check-In opens at 6.30 p.m.

At single tables, experts from the dance and neighbouring fields sit and offer a portion oh their knowledge, which can be explained and learned in 30 minutes. Visitors have the chance of choosing between 240 half-hour offers by the knowledge dealers and to book a talk, or to listen in to selected conversations via headphones

You can meet experts on the following topics:
Absence/Age/Animals/Body Techniques/Choreographers/Conceptual Dance/Dance Styles/Education/Film/Image/Interpretation/Machine-Man/Markets/Memory/Migration/Movement/Notation/Participation/Perception/Sensation/Solo/Sports/Transition/Travel/Visual Regime
or you can book a Consultations and practical exercises.

The knowledge transfer is understood as a communicative and performative act, which, on the opening night of the Dance Congress, will become a collectively whispered story of knowledge, while simultaneously lexicalizing and halluzinating the currrent position of theory and experience on the subject of dance.
Extract of the Encyclopedia:

Dr. habil. Krassimira Kruschkova, Lecturer in Theatre and Dance Studies, director of the Theory Centre at the Tanzquartier Wien, Editor of “Ob?scene. Zur Präsenz der Absenz im zeitgenössischen  
Tanz, Theater und Film“ (Vienna): On the Presence of Absence in Contemporary Dance and in Performance

Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund, Prof. for Theatre Studies at the University Bern, dance critic, author of "William Forsythe - Denken in Bewegung" and “Abwesenheit. Eine performative Ästhetik des Tanzes“ (Bern/Frankfurt): What is Absent and Invisible on Stage and How Does It Move Our Imagination

- Bees
Prof. Dr. Kaspar Bienefeld, director of the National Institute for Bee Research, honorary professor at the Agrarian Faculty of the Humboldt University (Berlin): Information Dances of Cave Breeding Honey Bees in the Dark

- Swarms
Prof. Dr. Rudolf zur Lippe, philosophy of life forms (Berlin): The Discovery of the Swarms

- gay-lesbian
Dr. Christoph Neumann, founder of the dance school bebop,  
philosopher, art historian and dancer (Berlin): The Grotesque Formation of Dance Couples in Competitive Dance or the Dance Sports and Its Effects on Gay-Lesbian Ballroom Dancing

- Hard Core
Volkan, musician and producer (Hip Hop/Experimental/Hard Core Heavy Metal) (Berlin): On Wall of Death, Pogo and Mosh - Hard Core Music and Dance (with Music and Video Examples)

- Revue
Roland Gawlik, Ballet Director Friedrichstadtpalast, choreographer, dancer (Berlin): Dance as Entertainment. From Classical Ballet to Revue Theatre

Vladimir Malakhov, general manager of the Staatsballett Berlin (Berlin): How to Move Between the Different Disciplines - As a Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, and Fashion Designer

Joachim Schlömer, director, choreographer (Basel/Berlin), curator and artistic director of the Tanz Kooperative (Freiburg): The Moment of Transition. Interferences of Disparate Worlds of Experience, Temporary Non-translatability, Transformation and Vacuum

The Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge is a Mobile Academy event in the context of Dance Congress Germany.
Dance Congress Germany is a Federal Cultural Foundation event in cooperation with the House of World Cultures.

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