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<nettime-ann> [chicago] | Sunday, April 23 - LOCALE #103 at Rodan |


Locale Sundays @ Rodan Video Bar
1530 N. Milwaukee Ave | Chicago
10pm-2am, No Cover, 21+


| April 23 - LOCALE #103 |

Audio: TAPEDEK [CHICAGO ART DEPARTMENT] - The DJ, MC, and producer originally from Hartford, CT, Tapedek is part of several collectives including Blazed-Up Records, Anti-Matter Media, and The After School Society, and The Chicago Art Department. A believer of mixing all types of music, DJ sets have been known to span across genres including but not exclusive to Drum and Bass/ Jungle, Hip-Hop, R&B, House, and Funk and Soul.

Visual : THE LEAGUE OF LIGHT [USA] - Comprised of concept artists and next-generation engineers, The League of Light remixes the game- graphics landscape. Beyond machinima, the League reaches directly into the most cinematic moments of action and art games to challenges the traditional definitions of interaction. Mostly, The League of Light brings fun to the dancefloor.


| April 30 - LOCALE #104 |

Audio : DOMINIQUE JOHNSON [NEW MILLENNIUM ORCHESTRA] - plus special musical guests.

Visual: POPULUTIONWORKS [CHICAGO] is Glen Jennings / Nathan Ober. Formed in Columbus Ohio in the summer of 2000, Populutionworks is a video installation/experimental media organization that uses lo-fi, circuit bent and home made gear combined with live streaming video software to create a stunning array of raw visuals. Source material ranges from original video, mashed up movie snippets to found images and time lapsed video that are mixed on the fly. Past events have included installations consisting of over 50 television sets patched together in combination with live experimental sound.

+ resident DJ: DJ LEVI
+ new resident social worker : DAN SIMBORG [TRANSAMOEBA]

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