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Walk-Talk-Eat-TalkSomeMore – EVENT 2 (b) – REPEAT:WALK

Meet: Hackney Wick Station

When: April 26, 4:00pm.

Bring: Snacks and something to drink for the walk; something to eat  
and drink for the potluck meal at the end of the evening.

Last week saw the second part of the London version of the Walk-Talk- 
Eat-TalkSomeMore project (see project description below) take place  
in David Goldenberg’s flat in Hackney Central (see photos and brief  
project description on: Apart  
from a potluck meal, the evening comprised an exploration and  
discussion of issues relating to some of the documentation we’ve  
received of walks taking place in other cities. We also revisited  
some of the questions and issues raised at, and by, our previous walk  
here in London, and talked a little bit about the Walk-Talk-Eat- 
TalkSomeMore program in general. A recording of, and/or notes from,  
parts of our conversation will be available on the blog very soon.

At the end of the evening, the suggestion was made that we ought to  
re-walk our previous walk, as a way of both revisiting the issues  
raised in the original walk and explore the different terrains and  
contexts we traversed in a more informed and substantial sense.

We set the date for this repeat or remix walk for the 26th of April,  
4:00pm. We meet at Hackney Wick Station and finish the walk with  
another potluck meal at Helen Marshall’s place in Lower Clapton (see  
invite below).


This is an invitation for you to join me at my house ( currently and  
still the building site of my studio/salon... ) in a barbecue/dinner  
to welcome the Gao Brothers from Bejing ( and possibly two other  
chinese artists ) to London in a hosting for three days at my place  
before we embark upon a NAN event in Nottingham that weekend.

It will be at approximately 6pm onwards...( will confirm ) and also  
follows on from the ' Walk-Talk-Eat-TalkSomeMore Project' see link  
planned earlier in the day starting from Stratford and ending  
potentially at my place is imminent ( for those of you interested  
will forward details ).

Either way hope to see you all and please RSVP as I am keeping this  
to quite a small please RSVP if you can come.

100 Blurton Road, Hackney, London, E5 0NH

You can't miss the hoardings outside the house! Hope to see you at  
6ish when the coals will be going blue. Please bring something to  
either cook or drink!


Walk-Talk-Eat-TalkSomeMore is a multi-city, multi-day project in and  
between London, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, Malmö, Portland,  
Stockholm, Tallinn, Berlin and San Francisco. The project is an  
experimental hybrid of similar work by Ccred & the 16 beavergroup  
(Counter Cartographies, Alt.Space), BASEKAMP & The Institute for  
Advanced Architecture (Evident Use), 0009 (platial) and the Bureau of  
Research into Post Autonomy.

The idea behind this series of events is to link a number of  
different cities in a critical dialogue around the very lose notion  
of "post-autonomy" and the more specific theme: how can we construct  
a practice in the discursive space of post-autonomy?

The program includes three interlinked components: a collective  
counter.cartography walk through our different contexts; an  
meal (supper, dinner, luncheon) taking place in our different cities  
and linking us through the questions we pose to one another; and a  
concluding discussion taking the form of a web-cast linking us in  
real-time dialogue.

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