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<nettime-ann> [job] art centre argos is looking for an ICT collaborator


argos is looking for an ICT collaborator
As a centre for the arts with a focus on audiovisual media and visual 

culture, argos (based in Brussels) keeps close track of digital 
evolutions. Both our activities and communication are largely 
determined by the potential of new technologies: from online 
databases and CRM applications to RAID archiving and VoIP 
telecommunication. As audiovisual media are taking on new shapes, the 

production and distribution models evolve as well (e.g. High 
Definition formats, tapeless video-storage, IPTV, P2P and streaming), 

developments with repercussions on the various functions of argos.

argos is looking for a collaborator who can help to steer these 
developments in the right direction, both logistically, as with 
regards to infrastructure or content. This collaborator will assert 
him-/herself to translate the activities of argos efficiently into a 
digital environment, investigate the various possibilities, both 
receptively and proactively and follow up on the implementations, in 
collaboration with the communication team and/or external 
collaborators. He or she will make out the link between technology 
and content and from that perspective he will think along about the 
use and applications of ICT, with regards to communication, 
production, archiving, distribution and presentation.

Function content:
Specifically the ICT collaborator will be responsible for the 
following aspects:
Management of the network / System Administrator
Following up on and implementing broadband technologies, according to 

needs and ambitions (e.g. streaming)
Support to users with regards to hard and software
Following up on the evolutions concerning data control and management 

(databases and digital archiving through SAN and backup systems, 
VoIP ...)
Management and structural development of the web environment of argos 

(hosting, CMS, site, mailing...)
Offering ICT support during productions and exhibition project
Support the translation of conceptual ambitions into projects and 
Reflect proactively on trends and innovations in ICT, web-based 
communication, audiovisual media and knowledge policy

Function requirements:
We are looking for an independent and creative team player with 
cultural-technological awareness and a proactive attitude
Experience with the design of web environments and Content Management 

Experience with setting up and managing networks
Affinities with the domains of =91audiovisual production=92 and =91media
Knowledge of audiovisu
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