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and for the people who just want to create something with RFID and =20
explore the possibilities and theoretical field: register for this =20
workshop in September in Amsterdam:

Upcoming workshop: RFID and The Internet of Things
11, 12, 13 September 2006
@ Mediamatic Amsterdam

After a succesfull CrashCourse in May, Mediamatic now presents a =20
second workshop on RFID and The Internet of Things.

RFID allows for the unique identification of objects, and any kind of

online data can be linked to these unique ID's. If RFID becomes an =20
open web-based platform, and users can tag, share, and contribute =20
content to the digital existence of their own places and objects, we =20
can truly speak of an Internet of Things. This opens perpectives for =20
new sustainability scenario's, for new relations between people and =20
the stuff they have,  and for other locative applications.

The participants of this workshop will develop critical, utopian or =20
nightmarish concepts for an Internet of Things in a hands-on way. =20
Ideas can range from scripts for small new rituals to outlines of =20
societal changes of epic scale. Prototypes can be tested with the =20
workshop tools The Symbolic Table or the Nokia3220 phone with RFID =20

The workshop has room for 16 designers, artists, thinkers and makers.

Participation fee is =80350 per person, ex BTW. Lunches, technical =20
equipment and assistance are included. If you want to participate in =20
this workshop, please register at our online registration form:

For questions or more information, surf to

mail to, or call Klaas Kuitenbrouwer: +31 20 =20

On Aug 1, 2006, at 11:27 AM, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:

> [it would be great if some of the critical artistic research that =20
> is being done in this field would be fed back into the political =20
> debate; -ab]
> Hi all,
> just a short note to tell you that the European Commission is =20
> holding a
> public RFID consultation on its website after previous Workshops on

> the
> issue in May and June.
> So who ever feels like commenting on RFID policy is welcome to do =20
> so under:
> Greetings,
> Christine
> *****************************************************************
> The Information Society and Media Directorate General is consulting
> stakeholders on their opinions on development and deployment of Radio
> Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, and on possible ways to
> stimulate its use while mitigating its potential negative impacts on
> privacy and health.
> A public debate on RFID was launched on 9 March 2006 by Mrs Viviane
> Reding, European Commissioner for Information Society and Media, at

> the
> CeBIT fair in Hannover. "Developments around RFID, Commissioner =20
> Viviane
> Reding said, open the door to a new wave of productivity gains =20
> across a
> wide range of sectors. Remember that productivity is the engine of
> economic growth and job creation. (...) We must also make some =20
> decisions
> of principle on the security and privacy issues associated with
> widespead government and commercial use of RFID technology. The =20
> time for
> action is now. (...) I will not see the liberty of citizens and their
> fundamental rights being compromised".
> Between March and June 2006 five workshops took place in Brussels to
> discuss and build consensus on the main issues, challenges and
> opportunities related to the use of RFID. These workshops addressed

> the
> research and technological development requirements and options, the
> growing use of RFID in commercial and governmental applications, the
> legal and societal issues related to security and privacy protection,
> the standardisation, interoperability and governance issues, and the
> current and future frequency spectrum requirements.
> The present consultation seeks feed
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