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<nettime-ann> Art After Crisis : online documentary by Chris Keulemans

Art After Crisis is a 'RoadTrip' by traveling writer Chris Keulemans on
SubmarineChannel. Ever since his first visit to wartime Sarajevo, Chris
has been fascinated by the way artists reinvent their work, their city
and their life after a period of war or dictatorship. Art finds a place
for traumatic and violent memories, it mirrors the shaky present and it
looks forward while others are still paralyzed. 

Art After Crisis launched in April with Chris' report from Beirut. These
past months, Chris has travelled to two Balkan cities: Prishtina and
Tirana. The travel stories, audio interviews, video shots, the
photographs of his girlfriend and co-traveler Riette Mellink are online.
And of course, the new art of the cities itself. Check out the Beirut
Metro Map, the Tirana pyramid or the new video artists of Prishtina.

Keulemans will continue his trips through these cities: Sarajevo, Sofia,
Algiers, Jakarta, Kabul, Buenos Aires, New York, Baghdad...

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