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<nettime-ann> August on -empyre- soft-skinned space: Paripatetic Pacific

August on -empyre- soft-skinned space:  Paripatetic Pacific

with: open mike plus PRNMS guests TBA

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Welcome an open mike on Pacific Rim and new media practice, in terms of two metaphors, 'journey' and 'bridges'.

At ISEA this year, there's a Pacific Rim New Media Summit (PRNMS) going on August 7 and 8. PRNMS hopes for international cooperation in new media culture, via the metaphor of the bridge:

(quoted from the ISEA PRNMS site blogcategory/69/87/

From the outset we thought of the Summit as a mechanism to encourage and facilitate international cooperation with an eye to sustainable relationships. Understandably this approach is not without difficulties and, as desired, it has been an emergent process rather than directorial. We view the Summit as a point along a trajectory of building ‘interpretive bridges’ that broaden all of our capacities for creative and intellectual exchange. By focusing the Summit on sustainable ‘outcomes’ it is our objective to facilitative cooperative agendas that enable creative production, research and cultural/political practice that challenge current models of cooperation. The Summit is not an attempt to simply become comfortable with one another or to suggest that collaboration is not without controversy, dissent and disagreement. The Summit is also about the collisions of ideology and manifesto. It is about trying to work through the problematics of diversity and difference.

And we're keying off of a provocative artists manifesto by Raqs Media Collective (Delhi) (quoted from the recent Place, Ground and Practice in Asia Pacific New Media Arts, December 2005, Auckland) Raqs conceptualizes practice in terms of 'journey' and 'journeyman'.

"The first imperative, that of crossing borders, translates as scepticism of the rhetoric of bounded identities, and relates to the role of the practitioner as a 'journeyman', as the peripatetic who maps an alternative world by her journey through it. The second, of building a shelter against the odds of the law, insists however on a practice that is located in space, and rooted in experience, that houses itself in a concrete 'somewhere' on its own terms, not of the powers that govern spaces. It is this fragile insistence on provisional stability, which allows for journeys to be made to and from destinations, and for the mapping of routes with resting places in between."
-- Raqs Media Collective, 'X Notes on Practice'

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