Tsila Hassine on Mon, 7 Aug 2006 23:10:31 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [call] Call for Israeli artists: Drafted Art - a visual petition against the war


This call was initiated by Maarav - Israeli online magazine for Art
Culture and Media.The current gallery of visual protests can be viewed
online in: http://maarav.org.il/draftedart/


Drafted Art

We are opposed to the war, to the Israeli army?s horrible bombardment of
Lebanon and to Hezballah?s firing of rockets onto northern Israel. Our
conflict with our neighbors has lasted for more than 100 years and so the
question of who started this round of violence is irrelevant. We believe
that conflicts are solved through dialogue, negotiations and compromise,
not through violence, more bombings and annihilations, more security
zones and occupations, more territories in which soldiers and civilians
alike will be killed from both sides.

As Israeli citizens we are responsible for our government?s actions. It
is our duty to do all that we can to stop the war crimes committed by our
country in our name. The Israeli army?s actions in Lebanon ? the shelling
of entire neighborhoods, the destruction of bridges and roads, and water,
communications and electrical infrastructure, and especially the killing
of hundreds and wounding of thousands of nonaligned civilians ? are an
immoral and criminal response. It is the common interest of Israelis and
most Lebanese that Hezballah be disarmed and obliterated and for the
shelling of northern Israel to be stopped. Yet, our rash and cruel
reactions lead to the opposite outcome.

It is a civil and moral duty to oppose the government and the army?s
actions in Lebanon and in Gaza. We stand in solidarity with our northern
neighbors, the Lebanese, and our southern neighbors, the Palestinians,
whose lives are coming to ruin. We stand in solidarity with our brothers
and sisters in northern Israel, who the government, under pretext of
defending their lives, has turned into the hostages of its floundering

We love Israel. We have chosen to live here, in the Middle East, and we
want to contribute to it, to be a part of it, and to enjoy all that it
has to offer. But the walls of hatred, the shelling and the forceful
military actions corner us back behind ghetto walls. Under such
conditions we will not be able to live in this region in peace for many
years to come.

It is with a love for Israel, a love for Lebanon and a love for the
entire Middle East, with true patriotism and love for our homeland, for
mankind and for peace, that we call for the immediate ceasefire of
shelling and all military activities, the release of Lebanese,
Palestinian and Israeli prisoners and hostages, negotiations with any
party that is willing including the Lebanese and Syrian governments,
Hamas, and, if possible, Hezballah as well.

Many of us have signed petitions, participated in demonstrations and
distributed important information through the media and internet. These
are important actions, but they also increase the feeling of
helplessness. There are no magic answers. Every action is a step on the
way to revolution. Instead of being comprised of just names, this
exhibition is a petition consisting of visual signatures (using design,
photography, comics, painting, video, etc.). We are recruiting our
creativity and talent for the fight against war.

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