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<nettime-ann> lPROJECT «•» / Synchronization-System: Vienna-Tokyo (Modified by Geert Lovink)

lPROJECT «•» / Synchronization-System: Vienna-Tokyo

We are pleased to invite you to the project:

Dune & Devil
Synchronization Vienna – Tokyo

First livestream of the project:

15th August 2006
Vienna 10:00 a.m. / Tokyo 5 p.m.
for further streaming dates, go to



Dune & Devil are working on the project «•» since 2003. The 
general idea explores a space- and timebased phenomenon 
through communicational technoculture. The aggregation of «•» 
applies different structures like global positioning systems, 
audiovisual media, mobile technology, telecommunication tools 
and specialized software, to experience the stereotopographical 
synchronization of  two individuals in different urban situations. 
We are trying to translate this spacial experiment under the 
condition of a unique geosocial application to translate this 
individual, cultural and technological impact in our DIY-habitat. 
The project produces a sociographic disposition of a mixed reality 
which can be observed through the interface of 


Presented in Tokyo @ DISLOCATE (Trampoline UK

28th July – 18th August 
The exhibition in Tokyo, bringing artists together in an investigation of multiple 
space and indeterminate location in the age of global connectivity.

Ginza  Art Laboratory 7-3-6 Ginza, Chuuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061
Koiwa  Project Space 7-2-7 Minami-Koiwa Edogawa-ku Tokyo  133-0056

Lecture about the project «•» by Grischinka Teufl
18th August, 7.p.m. (Tokyo Time)
Ginza Art Laboratory 7-3-6 Ginza, Chuuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061

Dune & Devil
Tina van Duyne & Grischinka Teufl


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