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<nettime-ann> Eavesdroplets - Call for Contributions


A project developed in collaboration with Dispatx Art Collective -


The streets resound with pedestrians chattering to friends or cell
phones. People are crowding into Internet chat rooms, expounding on
forums, posting to mailing lists and blogs, while televisons talk
endlessly. At one time or another we've all overheard exchanges that
seemed funny, off the wall, premonitory, surrealistic. Often composed of
very ordinary remarks, their strangeness comes from the way they overlap
and recombine to a stranger's ears. This random juxtaposition can shake
tired expressions out of their torpor, metaphors can be mixed,
reinvigorated or rendered ridiculous.

This project aims at collecting these recontextualized sound bytes and
using them as starting points for collaborative net-stories. You are
invited to post your favorite bits of dialog via an online
questionnaire. You can also use other contributors' eavesdroplets to
create a short story, an image or a sound file.

To post an eavesdroplet:

To begin with, both the eavesdroplets and the stories will be posted to
the Dispatx Art Collective work-in-progress blog. As the project develops,the bits of conversation will be mapped into a specific relational database. The interface will allow visitors to select and display different types of relationships between the entries. They'll be able to visualize, for example, all the exchanges taking place at a beach, on November 15th or in New York City. Each eavesdroplet can lead to one or more stories. Stories can reference any number of eavesdroplets (they can be juxtaposed randomly in the manner of cadavres exquis). Visitors to the site can consult the map to find intriguing eavesdroplets and read the associated stories. They can also propose either bits of dialog or completed stories. While the eavesdroplets can be uploaded to the site by any human visitor who is logged on, stories and multimedia files (images, sounds) will need to be approved for publication.

Karen O'Rourke: mapper at wanadoo dot fr

Read other eavesdroplets on the Dispatx Art Collective site:
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