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<nettime-ann> INC presents: Real Core and DIY at Impakt Festival, NL

<x-tad-smaller>Real Core and DIY</x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>
Netporn couch.clubs at the Impakt Festival in Utrecht

Internet and pornography are two peas in a pot. But in what way do individuals make active use of the interactive possibilities of the medium, especially in relationship to their own pornographic experience? Sergio Messina and Show-n-Tell will talk about this question in the couch.clubs at the Impakt Festival in Utrecht.
<x-tad-smaller>Netporn: Real Core
Speaker: Sergio Messina
Friday August 25, 17.00h, Aula Central Museum, Utrecht

Sergio Messina is a journalist, musician en technology researcher. He writes about the new amateur porn movement online that he has named Realcore. In his talk he will discuss DIY (do-it-yourself) porn online and the way people create their own sexual experiences with the use of systems like myspace and webcams. In these experiences desire goes before beauty, reality before artificiality and pleasure before commerce. Porn becomes personal.

Netpron: DIY Porn
Speakers: Show-n-Tell, Sergio Messina
Saturday August 26, 15.00h, Aula Central Museum, Utrecht

In the second Show-n-Tell will present her work: Webaffairs and after that will discuss the topic of the the role of the individual and DIY porn with Sergio Messina and the audience. Webaffairs is an artistic impression of her journey into the world of webcam sex. She started out as a voyeur, but became a participant in this digital erotic world. A world where individual users expose their sexual experiences and wishes through chats and webcam images. She dramatized the texts and images and used them for her book.
This will be moderated by Nat Muller.

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