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<nettime-ann> [ann] MediumGallery presents: Arik Visser



from: MediumGallery

Show by Arik Visser:
"The way things could be pink"

    * 22th of September untill the 22th of October 2006.

    * Opening: Thursday the 22nd of September 17.00

Arik Visser investigates in his work how structures and forms give out
meaning. By (temporarily) altering structures with a social-political
connotation; Visser tests the durabilty that these structures initialy

In the MediumGallery Arik Visser will make an context-dependant work.

menadostraat 37b
9715kw Groningen
the Netherlands
+31(0)847139105 (Fax)
+31(0)643538893 (phone)
+31(0)638115717 (W.Sibum ) +31(0)642224661 ( D.D. de Wit)
more info:
for map see:

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