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Title: Welcome by CULTURETV

State of the Image

\\ ON AIR 28 august 2006

CULTURETV Video podcasting available

  1. “458nm” winner Ars Electronica Golden Nica 2006 Ilija Brunck, Tom Weber and Jan Bitzer (D)
    Woman, Machine and Motion (Mini-Monsterbike Tiger)
    until 8 October 2006 BALTIC (UK)
  3. Mao Mao by Frédéric D. Oberland (FR)
  4. Videologia projects (USSR)
  5. ´Tideland´trailer new film by Terry Gilliam (USA)
  6. Works by Spencer Finch (USA)
  7. Aesthetics – An Art Project, Tang Song and La Mu until 24.08 the Long March Space, Beijing (China)
  8. TouchMe, Blendid (NL)
  9. State of the Image, teaser of this festival, Arnhem (NL)
  10. ´Golden Oldies´Catherine Forster (USA)

A lot of new videos available. Such as the Golden Nica 2006 winnner in the Computer Animation/Visual Effects category of the upcoming Ars Electronica Festival. The spectucalar opening of Surasi Kusolwong´s first exhibition in the UK. Do you remember the 60´s and the clashes between the police and students in Paris? French artist Frédéric D. Oberland gives you the feeling back of those days. We show you a compilation of the projects of the Russian group Videologia.

“458nm” winner Ars Electronica Golden Nica 2006 Ilija Brunck, Tom Weber and Jan Bitzer (D). A very short film entitled “458nm” is the winner in the Computer Animation /Visual Effects category. During The Ars Electronica Festival SIMPLICITY - the art of complexity which will be held from 31.08 until 05.09 in Linz (Austria), they will recieve the Golden Nica 2006.

BALTIC International centre for the contemporary visual arts in Gateshead(UK) presents Surasi Kusolwong’s first solo exhibition ´ Woman, Machine and Motion (Mini-Monsterbike Tiger)´ in the UK. His work offers visitors the opportunity to become involved in an extraordinary experience. Kusolwong is a Thai artist who works in a unique way to create high-energy, lively and playful situations with a celebratory feel. He wants to encourage visitors to enjoy his exhibition by offering unexpected possibilities which break the boundaries between art and life.

Mao Mao by Frédéric D. Oberland (FR)
.In the course of the movement and consequently by their transitory side.

Videologia projects (USSR).Videologia community is a non-governmental, non-commercial organization established by a group of young artists, theoreticians and art managers in Volgograd (Russia) in 2003 .Videologia projects combine video and cinema screenings with communication between authors, spectators and critics providing the atmosphere of free intellectual exchange of images, ideas, results of cultural and social analysis.

´Tideland´trailer new film by Terry Gilliam (USA).Described by Director Terry Gilliam as 'Alice in Wonderland meets Psycho', and based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same name, Tideland depicts the world of Jeliza-Rose (Jodelle Ferland), a world where fireflies have names, squirrels talk, and the heads of four dolls, long since separated from their bodies, keep her company.

The teaser of State of the Image festival. From 4 up to and including 9 September 2006 the festival ‘State of the Image’ takes place in the centre of Arnhem. Also for the general public there’s much to see and to do. Interactive movies which the viewer itself can exert influence on the course of the movie. The public can actually see and make knowledge of with the production of a lot of art films, video clips and games. The last night will be spectacular with a VJ performance of nobody less than Peter Greenaway.

Works by Spencer Finch (USA). Discover the beauty of the light with the works of Spencer Finch.

Have a nice week,


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