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We are Back !
Xavier Cahen

Today is Shanghai Time #4 !


1.Shanghai Biennale – Shanghai museum of arts

from Wed, 6th September until Sun, 5th November : Shanghai Bienalle 2006 > A theme that filled with the traits of our era, popularity and culture. It promotes the urban civilization and the fixed theme of "Hyper Design". The most young and pioneering international curatorial team. The Biennial invites six famous curators both home and abroad to form the curatorial team, including Zhang Qing, Huang Du, Shu-Min Lin, Wonil Rhee, Gianfranco Maraniello, Jonathan Watkins, Xiao Xiaolan (assistant curator). Zhang Qing (artistic director). Under the Biennial theme, a series of events in regard with the Biennale will be conducted to strengthen the Biennale's social influence. It will become a visual and creative feast in building up the city's image.

Lot of informations on the website http://www.shanghaibiennale.org <http://www.shanghaibiennale.com/>

2.Shanghai Duolun Exhibition of Young Artists

Opening Reception: 19:30 September 5th, 2006
Date: September 5th -- October 20th, 2006
Venue: Shanghai Duolun MoMA
Duolun Road and Other Venues
Organized by: Shanghai Duolun MoMA
Curators: Bilyana Ciric, Huang Yuelin, Tang Dixin
Media Director: Zhao Song
Series of Debates Orginized by: Zhu Jingyi



The first edition of the Shanghai Duolun MoMA's exhibition of young artists works has been held in September of 2004 as the satellite exhibition of Shanghai Biennale.The exhibition was organized by a group of Shainghainese artists and Shanghai Duolun MoMA.Although the exhibition was named " The exhibition of Young Artists" an official sounding name, in reality it satirized this style of exhibitions while simultaneously mocking biennales. The artists exhibited using special pseudo names to aim criticism at the international biennale trend as well as the phenomenon of international curators conveniently using attendance at biennales to discover young artists.

The Exhibition of Young Artists will become the tradition of Shanghai Duolun MoMA and this type of exhibition of young artists will be held every two years.Hoping the museum will serve as a lab mediating between the artists and society.For the 2006 exhibition, the curatorial team set up the exhibition from around 20 young artists from all around country Shanghai, Beijing, Wu Han, Cheng Du, Guang Zhou. In addition to the artists' participation, the museum plans to get the general audience involved in the project through different perspectives.Exhibition will have a special part that will allow audience to bring the objects, diary, sounds, personal belonging or anything that they think that is the art and can be shown at the museum.This audience participation is an attempt to question the goal that all art institutions have and analyze the general public way of seeing the art that is at this moment forgotten or seems less important.So what is the art for ordinary person and how he/she sees the art practice?Through this audience participation the museums aims to bridge the gap between art and life and contemporary art and museum.

Besides the audience participation in the actual exhibition every visitor will have the opportunity to say it's own opinion about each work in the museum by filling out a questionnaire.Periodic Open Discussions where local curators, critics, artists and the public will discuss contemporary art issues including, what is actually contemporary, the problems of art institutionlization and the values and sources of critical opinion today.

Ways of join in the 2nd Shanghai Duolun Exhibition of Young Artists

Before the deadline of collecting artworks, people can bring any kinds of things in any kind of form - which they consider to be art – to the Duolun museum. These objects could include but are not limited to painting, calligraphy, books or diaries, photographs, costumes, performances, videos, records, sounds. (anything against the laws and regulations will be canceled the qualification).

Anyone who attends the exhibition will have the rights to vote – to vote for whether each piece is art or not. We will tally up the votes every 15 days, the artwork which is considered by most audience as a "not art" will be moved to the so-called "not art section" and be exhibited there, meanwhile we will add new artworks. (The "non-artworks" will not join the next round vote)

In exhibition spaces, the art museum will organize spot academic discussions. In due course, we will invite curators, critics and artists to attend, and the audience can also participate the discussion at any time.

Notices for Appliers

The TIME period of public submissions of art: 2006.8.25 – 2006.9.10 (we won't receive anything after the deadline)

The definitive SIZE and AMOUNT of collecting artworks: Each of the participants should offer artworks under 50 kg, within 2m both in height and in length. The total amount of artworks is 100 pieces. (We won't receive anything after the total amount is reached, so please call us to confirm)

The CATEGORIES of collecting artworks: The artworks should be considered as artworks or artistic by participants themselves, and they should be exhibited in the art museum, they can be – diary, record tape, costume, photograph, painting, calligraphy etc.

The detailed INFORMATION needed:


Words for the artwork – the theme or personal viewpoint, conception

Pictures of the artwork

Demands on all pictures: digital photographs, resolution ratio – 300 DPI, format – JPG, size – 1MB (used in the type set of collection books)

Contact ways: mobile phone numbers, fixed phone numbers, email address, house address, zip code etc (for the contact between Curatorial Department and participants)

Participants should take charge of the transport of artworks.

The personal information of 30 earliest participants will be shown in the collection books of this exhibition, and each of them can get one as a gift.

Please send your artwork and related material to:

Address: Curatorial Department, 5th floor of Shanghai DOLAND museum of modern art, 27 Duolun Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, PRC

Zip code: 200081

Or mail to:

huangyuelin_1@yahoo.com.cn <mailto:huangyuelin_1@yahoo.com.cn>
For more details, please call Curatorial Department: +86-21-6587-5996


Please offer the art museum your detailed information in advance, and give clear indication on the envelopes or in the mails. Before you transport the artworks to the art museum, please make a call in advance to confirm everything otherwise we won't receive it

Working Hours of Shanhghai Duolun MoMA: 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

3. Shanghai MOCA- Chinese Aesthetics of Heterogeneity

From Wed, 6th September until Sun, 22nd October : > In this age of
wide-ranging information exchange and of universal access to knowledge, people have succeeded in multiplying and democratizing the channels of information dissemination. As peoples' material conditions have improved, their increasingly sophisticated artistic mood is reflected not only in their sense of the beauty of forms but also in their demands for spiritual beauty, which increase daily. Curated by Uli Sigg, Sunhee Kim, Ye Yongqinq, Victoria Lu.

http://www.mocashanghai.org <http://www.mocashanghai.org/index.php?_function=exhibition&_subFunction=upcomingExhibition>

The contemporary art that this new century and this new China have produced has unavoidably tended toward Neo-Eclecticism, which has resulted in experience with "conceptualism" and with the "handling of media and materials". This has, in turn, created a more liberal dialogue; for artists not only have re-excavated history to build new interpretations and perspectives, but also have made repeated use of the cultural characteristics unique to each and every people of the world. The artists endlessly piece together these perspectives with the artists' individual experience of contemporary life£¬as well as with questions of medium¡¢reorganization¡¢and rebirth; some artists also consider questions of gender.

Besides including Chinese artists and designers working both in China and abroad, MoCA Shanghai has also invited European, American and artists from throughout Asia who live or work in China to participate in this exhibition. Through the creation of art, these artists give expression to their sense of aesthetics, as well as to their experience of daily life's intricacies. Moreover, they express their sense of the neo-aesthetics of this new century's international cultural environment of mass communication and interactivity.

*4. ShanghART Gallery H-Space *

Zeng Fanzhi's Solo-Exhibition with new paintings
/Friday Sept. 1st 2006: 17.00-19.00/

/The exhibition will be on view through-out September
ShanghART Gallery H-Space
50 Moganshan Rd., Bldg. 16 & 18
200060 Shanghai, PR China
T: +86-21-63593923 F: +86-21-63594570
http://www.shanghartgallery.com <http://www.shanghartgallery.com/>

Zeng Fanzhi: New Paintings

ShanghART Gallery & H-Space is proud to present a solo-exhibition with new works by Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi (b. 1964).

Zeng Fanzhi delivers an art that feels new, not in its premises, but in its intense, yet refined vitality, and constant renewal. His new paintings are at the same time expressively figurative and abstract, held in cool shades of dark colors, and they represent both a tension of human solitude and exceptional beauty. Zeng Fanzhi is continuously engaged in exploring adequate and innovative ways in expressing his visual representations.

His latest paintings signify a shift in his focus from a formal concern with the representation of existential trauma, to an interest in how we imagine ourselves interacting with nature. Within these large-scale images there is a notion of fragility and vulnerability; like an attempt to create a terrain of uncertainty that inhabits both characters and landscape depicted.

The grand scale of the paintings lends them a certain suggestive and sublime appearance, and when viewed, the paintings constantly seem to evolve and create new particular impressions. The grand scale images stand both as reflections of a social reality that are made up of multiple signifying systems, of which the landscape is one.?

Zeng Fanzhi?s paintings appear simultaneously chaotic as well as controlled, intentional as well as unintentional, and his distinctive strokes signify the importance to process. Forcible intertwined curved lines may rest on a beautifully and calm background, and abstract and figurative elements appear side by side. The images therefore often carry references not to one but to many different realities. It is an energetic and reflective gesture that just serves to underscore Zeng Fanzhi?s status as one of China?s most innovative and skillful painters who?s acclaimed recognition and impact on the international art scene is rapidly expanding.

/Zeng Fanzhi was born in 1964 in Wuhan where he also studied oil painting at the Art Academy. Today he lives and works in Beijing. Exhibitions include Contemporary China, PKM Gallery, Seoul, Korea (2006), Scapes 1989-2004, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China (2004), I/We ? The Painting of Zeng Fanzhi, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China (2003), Left Hand, Right Hand, 798 Art Space, Beijing, China (2003), and The first Triennial of Chinese Arts, Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangzhou, China (2002/).

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