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<nettime-ann> Innovation Day, 27th of September Media Guild


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

09:30  Registration, coffee and tea 


10:00  The Methodology of Innovation: Presentations followed by Panel discussion: 


Media, Arts, Humanities, Technology and Innovation Labs: The names, locations and 
focus areas may differ but they all have one essential goal: to inspire, promote, develop, 
and apply innovative ideas and concepts within a dynamic and complex new media and 
ICT environment. Do the programs of these institutes have a particular format and 
methodology which they consider optimum for the innovative process? If so, how do these 
methodologies differ? Is the approach bound by the cultural or geographical setting? Is 
the approach rigorous or relaxed, scientific or artistic, traditional or radically new? 


This panel discussion examines the methodologies applied by internationally renowned 
media innovation “Labs”, and asks the question: Is a common methodology discernible, 
or does each culture demand a separate approach? If the application of a core common 
methodology is feasible, how can media innovation institutes run effective joint programs 
and workshops, leveraging a common approach together with different cultural 





• Susan Kennard (Director, Banff New Media Institute, Canada) 
• Candace Johnson (President, Johnson Paradigm Adventures, international 
telecommunications expert and entrepreneur, Luxembourg) 
• Patrick Svensson (Director, Humlab, Umea, Sweden) 
• Jonas Berggren (Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, Gothenburg, Sweden) 
• Simon Jones (Director, Human Computer Studies Lab, University of Amsterdam, 
The Netherlands) 
• Matt Locke (Head of Innovation, BBC New Media & Technology, London, UK) 
• Frank Boyd (Unexpected Media/BBC, London, UK) 
• Andrew Bullen (Director, Media Guild, Amsterdam, Netherlands) 


Moderator: Huib Schwab, Eurolabs, Spain / The Netherlands 



13:15  Break / Lunch 


14:00  Workshops 

On 13 July, the first ICTRegie / Media Guild Innovation Lab was launched in the Media 
Park in Hilversum. This Lab focuses particularly on innovative applications in the area of 
Broadband / HD ( If you are interested in proposing a 
project and participating in the present Innovation Lab, you should attend the workshops 
at the Pakhuis de Zwijger on the afternoon of September 27th. The Media Guild team will 
explain the goals of the Lab, provide information about the kinds of project that will be 
eligible and outline how to apply for a place.  


The workshop event will be an opportunity to network with peers and potential 
collaborators in small teams around selected focus areas like health and documentary. A 
single company or organisation may not possess all the expertise and experience to 
develop and produce an appropriate project: it is one of the goals of the Innovation Labs 
to build a framework for new collaborations. The event will also explore the Lab themes in 
greater depth in structured brainstorm sessions and and conversations about possible 
projects and proposals.  


17:00  End 


Go for registration here: 

Date: September 27th, 2006
Location: Pakhuis de Zwijger, Grote Zaal
Time: 09:30 - 17:00

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